Solutia Introduces Saflex(R) Advanced Acoustic Interlayer For European Architectural Market

Date: 11 October 2010
Source: Solutia
Solutia Inc., (NYSE: SOA) the world's leading PVB interlayer manufacturer, announced today that the company's Saflex(R) Q series advanced acoustic interlayer is now available in super-wide and jumbo roll lengths to the European Architectural market.

The product is being featured this week at the company's stand at Glasstec 2010, the world's largest glass trade fair held in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Saflex Q series advanced acoustic technology combines three interlayers which aredesigned to decouple and disseminate sound waves forstate-of-the-art sound dampening performance. The heart of this patented product is an advanced acoustical interlayer that transforms sound energy into heat energy, which then easily and quietly dissipates. The product also features improved handling and processing performance compared to Saflex A series monolithic acoustic interlayer and is compatible with the company's standard Saflex and premium Vanceva(R) color interlayers.
"Sound enters buildings through the path of least resistance - usually the windows," says Kevin Moens, Solutia's Architectural market manager for Europe and Asia Pacific. "Our product is a proprietary, advanced acoustical interlayer system designed to dampen noise and decrease sound transmission of perceived noise."
The technology targets sound in the 1000 to 3000 Hz range, which is the "noise transparency" range that lets most of the noise through. Utilizing Saflex Q series advanced acoustic technology in a window system can result in a reduction of up to 10 decibels in the "transparent" frequency. This equates to up to a 50 percent reduction in perceived sound. Architects and designers will appreciate these noise-dampening characteristics, which make Saflex(R) Q series advanced acoustic interlayer an ideal solution for projects in which a higher level of sound reduction is a critical concern, including buildings such as airports, hotels, health care facilities, educational facilities and housing and offices near transportation corridors.
"As urban density continues to increase, so will the need for products and technologies to mitigate irritating noises," says Julie Schimmelpenningh, global Architectural applications manager, Solutia. "Saflex Q series advanced acoustic technology was designed to meet that need."
In addition to offering superior acoustic performance, Saflex Q series interlayer provides the added benefits for which Saflex laminated interlayers are known. The interlayer is tough and durable, which makes it difficult to penetrate. As a result, it provides significant protection against forced entry and adds considerable security to residential and commercial buildings. The interlayer also blocks 99 percent of UV light up to 380 nanometers, which helps protect interior fabrics, art and furnishings from damage and fading.
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