Solutia to feature broad range of resins and additives at 2002 International Coatings Exposition in New Orleans

The Coating Resins & Additives business group of Solutia will present an extensive range of innovative coatings solutions - from vehicle resins to additives to crosslinkers - at the 2002 International Coatings Exposition (ICE), scheduled for Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 at the Ernest N.

Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA). Highlights include 2K acrylic dispersions, advanced waterborne epoxy systems, self cross-linking dispersions, core-shell alkyd emulsions, problem solving additives and industry leading technical support. Solutia, a world leader in coatings solutions for automotive, industrial, architectural many other specialty markets, will exhibit products at Booth #1619.

Solutia experts will present a paper highlighting performance benefits of an innovative waterborne acrylic system, titled "Self-Crosslinkable Waterborne Acrylic Core/ Shell Resins for Low Temperature Curing Applications ". The paper, co-authored by Shih-Bin Lee, Johann Billiani, William F. Pfohl and Kang I. Lee, will be presented on Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002, from 9:45-10:15 a.m.

In addition, Solutia experts will present "New Advances in Waterborne Epoxy Systems" and "High Performance Two-Pack Waterborne Isocyanate Crosslinked Systems", also on Oct. 31, as part of the Exhibitor Spotlight agenda. The presentations are scheduled for 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. in the Exhibitor Spotlight "A" area, located between aisles 700 and 900 at the convention center.

Solutia will feature many innovative products and technologies at Booth #1619. These include:

The Additol product line has a new website: The new website offers a state-of-the-art problem solver tool for any coatings problems. The easy-to-use website enables coatings professionals to identify products by market segment, application, technology, product category and trade name. Also, coatings professionals can contact a technical expert at Solutia, request product literature or place a sample order.

Beckopox VEH 2188w/55WA is truly a new generation amine hardener for two component waterborne epoxy systems. This hydrophobically modified hardener offers exceptional corrosion performance on cold rolled steel, pre-treated steel, and blasted steel substrates. Until now, waterborne epoxy systems offered very good adhesion but lagged behind in corrosion performance. Formulations using Beckopox VEH 2188w/55WA with high performance epoxy dispersions like Beckopox EP 384w/53WA or VEP 2381w/55WA can achieve 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance without failure.

Beckopox EP 384w/53WAMP and Beckopox EH 623w/80WA are fast becoming the workhorses in industrial coatings applications. This fully waterborne system is well suited for damp or newly poured concrete as well as aged aggregate substrates. Sealers, prime coats and topcoats can be developed. This combination offers very small particle size for excellent penetration and a good balance of pot-life with hardness development.

Beckopox VEX 2200w/25WA is an epoxy modified polyvinyl butyral waterborne dispersion and is used in combination with Beckopox VEM 2201w/45WA for wash primer applications. This system has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic substrates. It has exceptional dry time and hardness development properties. Extremely low VOCs are achievable. Additionally, this novel system can be top coated with a wide variety of solvent-borne and waterborne systems.

Beckopox VEH 2849w/80WA is a new waterborne epoxy hardener for use with Beckopox VEP 2390w/75MP epoxy resin for zinc rich primer formulations. This is a two-component waterborne system that will yield the corrosion protection typically expected of a standard solvent-borne product. Over 4,000 hours of salt spray resistance over shot blasted or zinc plated steel can be realized.

Daotan VTW 6470w/39WA is a hydroxyl functional waterborne polyurethane dispersion that has exceptional resistance properties for industrial, maintenance and transportation applications. This product is well suited for harsh environments and is designed for topcoat applications using conventional isocyanate crosslinkers. The chemical and abrasion resistance is unmatched in the industry.

Daotan VTW 6462w/36WA is a self-crosslinking, zero VOC hydroxyl functional waterborne polyurethane dispersion developed for high performance coatings where toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance properties are required. This versatile polymer can be air-dried, force dried or crosslinked depending on the end use requirements and has adhesion to a wide variety of plastics.

Duroxyn VEF 4380w/35WA is a waterborne epoxy ester dispersion for corrosion resistant primers, direct to metal coatings and topcoats. Corrosion performance is consistent across a wide variety of substrates. Performance and stability are consistent from batch to batch and over time, unlike conventional epoxy ester solution polymers. 500 hours salt spray resistance is possible even at low film builds on untreated cold rolled steel.

Macrynal VSM 6299w/42WA and Macrynal VSM 6285w/42WABDG are designed for two-component isocyanate crosslinked coatings. Coatings developed with these waterborne dispersions feature excellent weather resistance, outstanding gloss and exceptional hardness even at room temperature cure. Blends of conventional isocyanates with hydrophilic isocyanates can be hand stirred in to these products.

Macrynal VSM 1004/75LG is a high performance, high solids acrylic resin for the transportation refinish market. This HAPs free polymer, crosslinked with a high solids isocyanate offers a 30 minute dry time and a two hour pot-life. The flow and leveling is unmatched in the industry for this application.

Resydrol AM 224w/40WA is a waterborne alkyd dispersion for industrial bake finishes. In combination with a melamine crosslinker like Resimene 747, it provides a super combination of hardness, solvent resistance and impact resistance. Formulations using Resydrol AM 224w/40WA can achieve gloss greater than 95% at 20 angle with VOC under 150 g/L.

Resydrol VAN 6113w/52WALG is a new polymer developed for plastic applications. It offers excellent alcohol and stain resistance along with superior adhesion to polystyrene, ABS, PVC, acrylic and polycarbonate. This dispersion is well suited for TV and audio cabinets, medical and computer housings and other industrial plastic applications where toughness, abrasion resistance, household chemical resistance and high hardness are required. Formulations based on Resydrol VAN 6113w/52WALG are one component, robust, NMP free and recommended for force-dry curing.

Resydrol VAX 6050w/40WA is specially designed waterborne alkyd dispersion for industrial and transportation markets. Coatings that use Resydrol VAX 6050w/40WA have exceptional corrosion performance, fast dry times, and non-yellowing properties. This unique alkyd dispersion is very low in VOC, and is shear stable so water sensitive surfactants are not needed for pigment grinds. Primers, direct-to-metal coatings and topcoats can be developed.

Viacryl VSC 6295w/45WA and Viacryl VSC 6286w/45WA are self-crosslinking waterborne acrylic dispersions for a multitude of interior and exterior coatings systems. The main advantages of both products include fast drying, excellent abrasion resistance, very good sanding properties and outstanding resistance to chemicals. The self-crosslinking acrylic dispersions are free of solvents. Both products are uniquely suited for plastic and wood applications.

For powder coatings, several new Alftalat powder polyester resins are being introduced to the North American market. Alftalat 03926 and 03942 are medium reactivity carboxylated resins, providing for an excellent compromise in reactivity and flow in 60:40 and 70:30 hybrid powder systems respectively. Alftalat 03946 is a new medium hydroxyl content polyester for indoor decorative powder coatings including epoxy matte finishes. Alftalat 04052 and 03884 are low acid value carboxyl polyesters for TGIC or HAA hardened outdoor powder coating systems. Alftalat 03884 is suitable for clear coatings.

Modaflow Powder 6000 is a new flow additive offered to control surface defects for powder coatings. Its addition in any thermoset powder chemistry improves flow and leveling, reduces pinholes and craters, and broadens the cross-compatibility between powder coating formulations.

The entire range of Solutia resins and additive ingredients for coating applications may be viewed on the company's Internet website The Coating Resins and Additives business group of Solutia is widely known for offering a broad line of innovative coatings solutions that combine optimal performance with environmentally friendly characteristics. The technology leader in the important field of waterborne resins, Solutia Coatings Resins and Additives is part of Solutia Inc. (

Based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), Solutia uses its world-class skills in applied chemistry to create solutions for customers, whose products are used by consumers around the globe every day. In addition to resins and additives for high-value coatings, Solutia is a recognized leader in a variety of markets - including performance films for laminated safety glass and after-market applications; process research, process development and scale-up services for pharmaceutical fine chemicals; specialties such as aviation hydraulic fluid and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents for aviation; and an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers.

600450 Solutia to feature broad range of resins and additives at 2002 International Coatings Exposition in New Orleans

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