SEMI PV Group Announces Formation Of The European Crystalline Cell Technology And Manufacturing Group (CTM)

Date: 26 March 2010
Source: SCHOTT
At the 4th Photovoltaic Fab Managers Forum, held on March 8 in Berlin, SEMI PV Group Europe announced the formation of a new European group for crystalline solar cells.

This founding group of eight crystalline solar cell manufacturers (Q Cells, Deutsche Cell, Bosch Solar Energy, SCHOTT Solar, Sovello, Sunways, SolarWatt/Systaic Cells and Solland) is working together in a pre-competitive environment to address the technology challenges facing the photovoltaic industry.
The CTM Group has established a crystalline solar cell technology roadmap up to the year 2020, which was announced at the PV Fab Managers Forum on March 8, 2010. The roadmap describes the development of crystalline solar cell technology with focus on materials, manufacturing processes, and product development.
The priority of the CTM Group will be the definition of the development processes for raw materials, cell technology and cell manufacturing. The goal is to strengthen European competitiveness in the global marketplace by improving efficiency and quality while also reducing cost. The group also aims to optimize the interfaces within the entire manufacturing supply chain to help achieve this goal.
"The foundation of the CTM Group is an important step forward to strengthen the competitiveness of the solar cell manufacturers, develop advanced technologies, and implement improved manufacturing processes and standards for crystalline solar cells," said Gerhard Rauter, member of the Executive Board of Q Cells SE and the representative of Q Cells within the CTM Group. "I am convinced that this collaboration will help to strengthen the global competitiveness of the crystalline solar cell manufacturers with regard to high-quality and cost-effective solar cells," he added.
"Tackling the challenges of the very dynamic PV market can best be managed by a close collaboration among the CTM Group members and by bundling the activities of the CTM Group within SEMI," said Dr. Gerrit Sames, COO and Member of the Board of Management of SCHOTT Solar.
"The combined efforts of the CTM Group solar cell manufacturers will underscore the leadership in innovation and quality and is the basis for further leapfrogging technological solutions to the benefit of the entire sector and especially the customers," said Klaus Kubitz, the general manager of Deutsche Cell GmbH.
For more information on the CTM Group, please contact Steve Buehler ( for North America or Stephan Raithel for Europe.

600450 SEMI PV Group Announces Formation Of The European Crystalline Cell Technology And Manufacturing Group (CTM)
Date: 26 March 2010
Source: SCHOTT

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