SCHOTT’s Fiber Optic and LED-based Lighting Solutions for the Healthcare Indust.

Date: 15 November 2011
Source: SCHOTT/
Medical institutions are increasingly relying on intelligent lighting concepts and installations to brighten up the unemotional, sterile hospital environment and their patients’ moods.

At COMPAMED, SCHOTT is displaying its lighting solutions for the medical industry.

SCHOTT relies on its products, technologies and application expertise to provide complete solutions for interior lighting, including approaches to mood lighting. “We help medical facilities find and set up the right type of lighting system that meets their needs. Here, our focus always involves using light as a tool for creating moods, instilling comfort and offering guidance,” Jörg Warrelmann from SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging explains.

Different approaches and solutions range from reading lights for dialysis stations to lighting strategies for so-called snoozle rooms in teaching facilities that children can calm down and relax in. Surgical equipment, including tables, swivel arms, lights and supplies, can also be fitted with flexible contour lighting in various colors, for example. These thin fiber-optic light conductors are electromagnetically compatible and therefore function even inside a magnetic resonance tomography system where they are able to help calm down and preoccupy patients.

Optical signaling of the operating status of electrical devices by changing the color of the light is yet another possible application that offers a stronger sense of feeling secure. When the red light glows, for example, this means the X-ray unit is in operation, green means it is switched off or in standby mode.

Nevertheless, the benefit of such modern lighting concepts is not limited to the psychological or signaling effect of light. Their use also demonstrates to patients that the focus is on their overall comfort. Especially for specialized medical practices and hospitals and their suppliers, this opens up new ways to stand out from the competition.

SCHOTT offers the healthcare industry lighting products and system solutions based on fiber optic and LED technologies that have already proven themselves in extremely security-conscious markets like the automotive and aerospace industries: High-quality reading lights are available in a wide variety of customer-specific designs. Their light can be programmed to cover only limited beam zones to avoid disturbing neighbors in the immediate environment.

Highly flexible contour lighting consists of fiber optic light guides that emit light along the sides and receive their light from LED sources. In hospitals and practices, they can be used for optical signal amplification and to produce mood lighting effects. Special coated glass panels for (partition) walls can be used to create attractive lighting effects in combination with LEDs or be switched to opaque at the press of a button. The SCHOTT Business Unit Architecture + Design offers just the right types of solutions.

600450 SCHOTT’s Fiber Optic and LED-based Lighting Solutions for the Healthcare Indust.

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