SCHOTT Solar to Offer Roof Integrated PV Systems Featuring SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX as a Complete Package in the Future

Bundles consisting of modules, roofing frames, mounting accessories and inverters makes installation even easier An online planning tool allows for exact positioning of all system components Optional monitoring system are also available Mainz, June 11, 2012 – Starting on July 1, 2012, SCHOTT Solar will begin offering its roof integrated PV systems that feature SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX modules as a complete system.

Perfectly matched components improve system performance and enable a much easier installation. This new bundle allows for roof integrated PV systems to be planned and implemented more effectively in both new buildings and subsequent installations as part of roof modernisation measures. Installation firms will also be able to order the complete system directly from SCHOTT Solar in the future.

The advantage for installation personnel is quite clear. One complete high quality package that is quick and easy to install can now be delivered directly to the construction site. It includes SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX modules, special roofing frames that can be installed in existing roofs, an inverter that suits the size of the system just perfectly, as well as all of the small parts needed to be able to install the modules.

“The roof integrated module business really can not be compared with the roof top or open space business. We have learned that other approaches are necessary in order to market these products successfully. Therefore, we decided to react by offering our new complete package. For this reason, the complete package only applies for our SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX module series,” explains Jörg M. Henkel, the Board member responsible for Sales & Marketing at SCHOTT Solar AG.

A monitoring system that constantly records how efficiently the system is working and measures and optimises yield can also be ordered for the complete system. This information is then displayed graphically in an attractive manner so that the system owner is always aware of how much electricity their system is producing at any given time and how much is being consumed privately by the household or being fed into the grid. An alarm system that reports possible malfunctions is also linked to the system

Starting in July 2012, this package can be assembled with just a few clicks on the SCHOTT Solar website. An easy to use planning tool is available here that calculates what components will be necessary based on a few basic parameters, including the size of the roof, the number of modules and their positions. In particular, more difficult demands can be met by using the new roofing frames that will now be available for L-shaped systems.

Systems that feature SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX modules actually replace the normal roofing materials. They have been approved for use as hard roofing and meet the requirements of DIN 1055 standard. Furthermore, they are currently the only roof integrated systems that meet the new conditions of the National Association of German Roofers (ZVDH) with respect to wind suction security. SCHOTT Solar offers a 10 year guarantee on rain resistance for systems installed properly besides its usual 25 year linear performance guarantee. Numerous tests have confirmed their reliability with respect to both their performance and durability that both exceed by far what can normally be expected of PV systems. Roofs with integrated modules are known for their particularly attractive architectural design and for the fact that they weigh 70% less than comparable PV roof top systems.

600450 SCHOTT Solar to Offer Roof Integrated PV Systems Featuring SCHOTT ADVANCE InDaX as a Complete Package in the Future

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