SCHOTT Announces Availability of CoralPor™ Porous Glass Products

• Pore size specificity allows for broad spectrum of uses.• Reference electrode junctions and purification substrates for use in drug development chromatography are just some of the potential applicationsHigh-technology company and specialty glass producer SCHOTT announced the immediate availability of CoralPorTM porous glass.

CoralPorTM porous glass can be used in a wide range of applications including moisture absorption or molecular separations. CoralPorTM is available in two product variants. CoralPorTM 1000, a mesoporous high silica glass, is typically employed in applications such as reference electrode junctions, desiccants, coatings, or as components in devices for the medical, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas industries. CoralPorTM 2000, exhibiting pore sizes in the meso- to macroporous regime, is best suited for use in separations or as a synthesis substrate.

“CoralPorTM porous glass products offer customers a wide range of available porosities that meet the most demanding specifications,” said Ed Hart, Market Development and Innovation Manager. “SCHOTT is excited to add CoralPor™ to our portfolio, and with it the ability to offer customers new, and more efficient approaches to use in their products.”

Key physical attributes of CoralPorTM porous glass are the rigid interconnected microstructure and high internal surface area. This unique combination of attributes allows CoralPorTM products to be applied in applications from sensors to catalyst supports.

CoralPor™ porous glass is also available with enhanced chemical durability over a broad pH range (1-14). The enhanced chemical stability opens the door to a broader spectrum of applications. For example, CoralPorTM can be used as the substrate in the purification of monoclonal antibodies, an application that requires chemical stability over multiple high pH column regeneration cycles.

CoralPor™ porous glass products are available in a variety of formats, such as rods, discs, rectangles, and powders, as well as custom shapes to best suit the needs of customers.

CoralPor™ is a trademark of SCHOTT AG.

Cold field emission scanning electron microscope image of SCHOTT CoralPor™ porous glass

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600450 SCHOTT Announces Availability of CoralPor™ Porous Glass Products
Date: 17 August 2012

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