Schiatti Angelo Srl presents at Vitrum a new arrissing machine

Schiatti Angelo srl is introducing a machine for the glass processing which is completely new for his standard production and that will be displayed for the first time at Vitrum 2007: the ARRISSING MACHINE MOD.


The machine has been designed to meet the demand of those customers who were looking for a high quality product able to satisfy both requirements of high precision and productivity.

The model has been designed and built to arris edges automatically on flat rectangular glasses to obtain an even edge on thicknesses from 3 to 15 mm. The minimum dimensions of the sheets that the machine is able to process are 500mm x 300mm (l x h), and the maximum of 4000x3210 mm (l x h).

The machine is completely automatic; without operator intervention. The machine is equipped with sensors, placed near the tools, which detect and record the dimensions of each glass being processed. On the basis of the data collected, the machine automatically manages the movement of both the sheet of glass and the tools. Therefore, a series of sheets of any size and thickness can be processed in succession.

The machine consists of three independent sections: an entry conveyor, a closed central chamber where the glass is processed and an exit conveyor. The complete independence of each of these parts allows for the efficient management of loading and unloading , which optimises productivity.

All functions, commands and parameters are managed by a PLC and can be accessed from a touch screen panel, from which it is also possible to visualize the various processing statistics. The entire management system of the machine hinges on the detection sensor that records the dimensions of the glass. The information detected by the sensor allows the machine to follow the movement of the cutting tools precisely, both on the plane of the sheet and in the direction of the thickness, in such a way to guarantee the correct positioning of the tools. As a result, the processing work is optimal even if the sheet is not an ideal parallelepiped.

The working speed, is adjustable through the PLC, from 0 - 10m/min. A series of safety devices, fixed and mobile guards are installed on the machine to protect the operator while all systems meet current EC directives.



Min. size glass for processing (l x h) 500x300 [ mm x mm ]

Max. size glass for processing (l x h) 4000x3210 [ mm x mm ]

Glass thickness 3 - 15 [mm]

Conveyor height  705 [mm]

Installed power  23 [kW]

Total tank capacity 340 [ l ]

Air consumption 90 [ Nl / min. ]

Max. forward movement speed 10 [ m /min. ]

Overall mass 6.000 [kg]

600450 Schiatti Angelo Srl presents at Vitrum a new arrissing machine

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