SaoSA UV curing resin for laminated glass

Date: 19 May 2009
SaoSA UV curing resin is exclusively for glass lamination, which is mostly used in laminated glass, safety glass and bullet-proof glass.

By choosing SaoSA Glass Lamination Resin for your glass lamination, you are able to enjoy many benefits and advantages of our good quality,

High clarity and light transmission rate   (more than 91%, 4mm / 1mm / 4mm)

No yellow with ages

No De-lamination

No air bubble

Ready-to-use (one-component resin, low viscosity, easy to pour into the space between the glass sheets  )

Curing quickly with UV exposure

Excellent impact strength resistance

Excellent anti-moisture capacity

Long Shelf Time (up to 18 months)


SaoSA UV-S: For laminated general architectural glass, laminated decorative glass, laminated bent glass, laminated tempered glass, laminated slumped glass, laminated textured glass and laminated patterned glass as well as other kinds of glass.

SaoSA UV-H: For laminated high strength shock resistant architectural glass and laminated hurricane resistant glass.

SaoSA UV-B: For laminated bulletproof glass.

 Benefits and advantages of SaoSA Resin:

1. Good Quality

SaoSA UV Cured Resin has passed the tests for various standards. We test the laminated glass made of SaoSA UV curing resin according to EN356,EN1063,EN1288-3, DIN 12600, EN12543-4(Durability testing), the testing result are very good, the testing certificates can be sent to you for your reference as requested.

 The testing reports and certification were issued by TNO of Netherlands, one of most authoritative testing organizations in glass construction industry of Europe. As the matter of fact, few of resin can pass all of the above strict testing, even the resin from Europe or USA. Also, our product is the unique adhesive adopted by China Weapon Industry for using bullet-proof glass.

2. Easy to Use

Our UV curing adhesive is liquid, comprising one-component, ready-to-use casting resins for glass lamination. Our resin is Glass-like transmittance, not yellow with age and in excellent safety and security against high impact strength.

As the resin is liquid during the dosing and dispensing stage it perfectly fills the space between the glass sheets, whether these are of an irregular surface (such as tempered, toughened or hardened glass) or whether they are formed or curved glass shapes.

Curing is by UV (ultraviolet) light or strong Sun's rays, which just requires about ten minutes in exposing to UV for completion of curing. The material contains no solvents or plasticizers and no water has to be evaporated.

3. Lower Prices

The price of our resin is extremely low, helping you and your customer cut your current cost 50% off. Moreover, compared to PVB which is frequently used in processing laminated glass, no autoclaves nor heavy presses is required in using our adhesive. Moreover, low investment costs and low energy consumption are involved during production

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Diana Huang

Sales Executive
SaoSA Technology International Ltd.
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600450 SaoSA UV curing resin for laminated glass

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