RIOVETRO - Frosted glass manufacture

Date: 5 November 2004
Acid processed Frosted Glass are essential elements for indoor architecture. As a functional and fine element, Frosted Glass easily fits to all furnishing applications, such as furniture, doors, wall panels, shower boxes and so on.

Three different finishes of acid etching are available, offering different levels of transparency; bright, half-bright and mat. For this reason, Frosted Glass can meet any functional and aesthetic requirement.
Riovetro offers the following range of product:

RIO-LUX (Bright Frosted Glass)
RIO-GLITTER (Half-Bright Frosted Glass)
RIO-MAT (Mat Frosted Glass)

Translucent or Bright Frosted Glass is the classic Frosted Glass.
RIO-LUX by Riovetro is characterized by fine transparency and smooth surface. It can be easily washed and cleaned, tempered and laminated. Processes such as grinding, chamfering and engraving are also possible.

Half-Bright Frosted Glass is an innovative, next generation product, characterized by less translucent surface.
RIO-GLITTER by Riovetro, is so called because of its surface, shiny in the light. It fits nearly to all the applications of the Bright Frosted Glass. The Half-Bright Frosted Glass can be washed and cleaned almost as easily as the Bright one. It can be tempered, laminated, ground and chamfered.

Opaque or Mat Frosted Glass has always been the alternative glass to the Bright one.
RIO-MAT by Riovetro, because of its rough and opaque surface, suits well where less transparency and more privacy are required. It can be washed and cleaned, though not as easily as the other ones. It is also less suitable for grinding, chamfering and engraving.

RIOVETRO, with a 4.000 sq.m. factory shed, equipped with modern systems and sophisticate fixture, is able to meet any qualitative and quantitative requirement about Frosted Glass, from the Clear Frosetd Glass, Frosted Coloured one, Frosted Silver one and a full range of Laminated Glass.
Products by Riovetro are distributed not only in Italy, but also in many foreign countries, such as Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, in some Middle-East countries and in the U.S.A.
With Glasstech 2004 RIOVETRO’s production will be enriched of jumbo sheets (6,00 x 3,21 mt), in order to satisfy any requirement coming from the great furniture industry.

RIOVETRO will be pleased to receive your kind visit:

Riovetro S.r.l.
Via Domenico Pannelli – Zona Industriale P.I.P.
85010 Banzi (Potenza) – Italy
Tel. 0039.971.947604 – 947599
Fax 0039.971.947900

600450 RIOVETRO - Frosted glass manufacture
Date: 5 November 2004

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