RF Presses From Thermex Thermatron Accelerate Glass Lamination Process, Saving Time And Cost For Manufacturers

When used in the glass lamination process, Thermex Thermatron’s RF presses now enable many glass manufacturers to bypass autoclaving, reducing production time and operating cost by considerable amounts.

As America experiences what many are calling a “mini renaissance” in manufacturing, there is a greater emphasis on ingenuity and highly efficient methods that have changed the face of the factory floor and its resulting output.Industrial microwave and RF equipment manufacturer, Thermex Thermatron, LP has embraced this new approach to production through the development of a new glass lamination method using RF, or radio frequency, presses and sealing technology. The innovation has provided numerous benefits for manufacturers in various industrial sectors.

RF glass lamination allows for a significant increase in efficiency and yield when it comes to sealing two separate pieces of glass into one. What would normally require the use of an autoclave and hours of production can now be completely bypassed thanks to a new use of RF press equipment. By incorporating RF presses into glass production process, lamination takes minutes rather than hours, and yields greater output and profitability for architectural, safety and automotive glass producers. As more and more U.S.-based manufacturers seek realistic ways to lower their operational and production costs with aim to stay competitive in the global marketplace, Thermex Thermatron, LP is especially pleased to spread the news of the glass lamination through RF presses.

“Our clients love the results of using our RF presses to laminate glass,” said Ray Lund, president and CEO of Thermex Thermatron, LP. “The capability that’s now possible through our RF products significantly reduces production cycles, which increases throughput and decreases cost.”

Many industrial manufacturers are excited by the idea of utilizing RF sealing in their glass lamination process and recognize the cost and time saving benefits. Even those who were initially skeptical of the results or reluctant to modify proven, traditional manufacturing processes, have come to embrace the idea of RF presses for glass lamination and been truly impressed by the result. Thermex Thermatron, LP is eager to showcase how their equipment is perfectly suited to new and rapidly changing demands in U.S. and global manufacturing. With RF equipment for glass lamination, the company continues to broaden is role and recognition among industrial producers and process manufacturers.

About Thermex Thermatron, LP

Thermex Thermatron, LP was founded in 1939, and for over seventy years, has been recolonized as an industry leader in the production of RF heating systems and industrial microwave ovens. They continue to specialize in the development of custom application solutions for industrial and commercial manufacturers. For more information, visit: www.thermex-thermatron.com

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Date: 18 November 2013
Source: Thermex Thermatron, LP

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