Research and Markets: ‘Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. - IT Sales Opportunities – 2008’ Provides An In-Depth Analysis Of Industry Trends And Drivers And Company Level Developments And Events

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. - IT Sales Opportunities - 2008" report to their offering.

Headquartered at Japan, Asahi Glass Company Limited (Asahi) manufacturers and sells glass, including sheet glass, glass for automobiles, processed glass for industrial uses and others. It is also involved in the processing, manufacture and sale of glass fiber products, chemicals and medical products, among others. The company’s Electronics and Display segment is involved in the manufacture and sale of glass for flat-panel displays (FPDs) and cathode-ray tubes (CRTs), glass frits, parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optoelectronics parts, synthetic silica products and printed circuit boards (PCBs), among others. Its Chemical segment offers soda ashes, sodium hydroxide, chlorine products, potash, fluorine resin, ion-exchange membranes and iodine, as well as vinyl chloride monomers and polymers, among others. The Others segment provides refractory products, fine ceramics and others. The company has 246 subsidiaries and 47 associated companies.

Industry trends and drivers have a direct or indirect affect on IT spending of all companies operating within an industry. For example - increase in sourcing from low cost countries might influence Asahi to relook at their supply chains, resulting in selling opportunities for SCM solutions, collaboration tools etc. Thus, we can conclude that industry spending on any particular IT product or service is an important indicator of the criticality of that product or service for the industry. Based on the IT spend information available in ‘TechNavio’, we have computed a ‘criticality score’ for various IT products and services, for Asahi

Various company level developments and events are important indicators of selling opportunities and drive the sales of IT products and services. For example - an acquisition by Asahi might result in opportunities for IT migration and integration services. By tracking these sales drivers (using ‘TechNavio’), we have arrived at a demand score for each product and service.

Through an in-depth analysis of industry trends and drivers and company level developments and events, we have made the ‘IT Selling Opportunities Map’ for hardware, software and IT services for Asahi. These maps have been divided into four zones representing Level I, Level II and Level III opportunity areas. Level I opportunity areas have the highest scores and hence, there is a high probability that Asahi will buy these products and services. Level II opportunity areas have lower scores and hence, lower probability to sell to Asahi Level III opportunities have the lowest scores and hence, unlikely to sell to Asahi.

The report is meant for IT vendors and intends to help them identify selling opportunities within the company. Furthermore, the identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate these accounts or increase current share of the customers wallet. Also, the report lists key IT spending decision makers, which enables the salesperson to directly contact the key executives within the company.

TechNavio Insights is a set of reports based on TechNavio - a market intelligence platform for the IT industry. It builds on the intelligence available within TechNavio, and leverages on the custom research experience of the Technology Navigators. TechNavio is built on years of experience of the authors in deep dive custom research and consulting for over 30 Fortune 500 companies and numerous large and mid-sized companies.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Company Overview

1.1 Business Overview

1.2 Key Figures

1.3 Corporate Headquarters

2. IT Spending and Deployments

3. IT Sales Opportunities

3.1 IT Sales Opportunities - Software

3.2 IT Sales Opportunities - Hardware

3.3 IT Sales Opportunities - Services

4. Sales Drivers

4.1 Business Portfolio Management

4.2 Capacity Expansion

4.3 Collaboration & Partnership

4.4 Faster & Better Product Development

4.5 Geographical Expansion

4.6 Introducing New Products

4.7 Maintaining Quality Standards

4.8 Manufacturing Process Improvements

4.9 Mergers & Acquisitions

4.10 Using RFID for Business Benefit

5. Conclusion

Appendix A: Key IT Spending Decision Makers


Appendix B: Definitions

B.1 Software

B.2 Hardware

B.3 Services

Appendix C: Methodology

C.1 Evaluating Criticality Score

C.2 Evaluating Demand Score

Other Reports in This Series

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 2.1: IT Deployment Details

Exhibit 3.1: Software Sales Opportunities Map

Exhibit 3.2: Opportunities and Related Sales Drivers for Software

Exhibit 3.3: Hardware Sales Opportunities Map

Exhibit 3.4: Opportunities and Related Sales Drivers for Hardware

Exhibit 3.5: IT Services Sales Opportunities Map

Exhibit 3.6: Opportunities and Related Sales Drivers for IT Services

Exhibit 4.1: Key Capacity Expansion Plans

Exhibit 4.2: Key Geographical Expansion Plans

Exhibit C1: Calculations for Estimating Criticality Score

Exhibit C2: Criticality Scores for Various Software Applications

Exhibit C3: Criticality Scores for Various Hardware Products

Exhibit C4: Criticality Scores for Various IT Services

Exhibit C5: Calculations for Estimating Demand Score

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600450 Research and Markets: ‘Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. - IT Sales Opportunities – 2008’ Provides An In-Depth Analysis Of Industry Trends And Drivers And Company Level Developments And Events

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