Prodim announces revolutionary digital measuring device

Date: 6 November 2004
Source: Prodim
Hall 12 / Stand E51Three dimensional objects normally require excessive time to measure precisely. Similarly it is almost impossible to measure complicated and irregular shaped objects without mistakes.

Few companies can afford this waste of time and money. Prodim announces a revolutionary new product which can make digital measurements quickly and very accurately.

The ultramodern Proliner® takes a most of the work out of difficult measurements. This mobile measuring device records the measuring points very precisely and then saves the collected information digitally. Since the Proliner® can be easily connected to the common CAD-systems, it is possible to get accurate drawings in just a couple of minutes.

The advanced Proliner® has extensively proven itself in practice. Numerous companies, including well established glass companies, daily save time and money thanks to this mobile measuring machine. The Proliner® can be perfectly used for measuring 3D ship windows, bent glass windows, complex glass shaped windows, glass-in-lead, and other shapes for which you would normally require traditional templates.

The Proliner® is capable of precise measurements of straight, curved, or very complex shapes. It doesn’t matter whether the object is in a horizontal, vertical or slanting position. It is also possible to measure a combination of these positions at once. In just a couple of seconds, the special pointer marks the relevant points in order to register the outlines of the object. All the measuring data will automatically be registered digitally. Measurements up to 10 meters can be made at one time and larger measurements can be made by combining drawings in a simple “leap frog” process.

Thanks to a direct link to common CAD-systems, measured outlines can be quickly translated to a scale drawing; what’s more, the Proliner® can be connected to CNC production machines. This makes separated programming unnecessary and results in shortened run time.

The Proliner® is solidly constructed to withstand actual “in the field” working conditions. The Proliner® 3D can be used in horizontal and vertical positions plus it can rest at any angle. The touch screen also has contrast regulation to provide a razor sharp display.

The device is compact, only 10 kilos, has a rechargeable battery, and can be taken anywhere. Starting up the Proliner® requires zero calibration and set up time, so measuring can be started immediately.

Two measuring pens have been developed for the Proliner®:

This pen is meant for measuring internal outlines (interior), like door frames and glass openings.

This pen is meant for measuring exteriors like wooden templates, vellums and kitchen sinks.

Besides that, Prodim has developed some extra add-ons, and accessories.

A great deal can be saved with the Proliner®:

• Loading and unloading of templating tools plus materials on the job site
• The making of physical templates which can take hours, is now a thing of the past
• Exact templates along with accurate measurements are completed in a matter of minutes
• You immediately have a digital CAD drawing which is simply downloaded into a laptop or desktop computer in just a few seconds.
• Because of shortened process time, projects can efficiently be completed at a much quicker pace

• No need for template materials and tools

• Only one person is needed for accurate templates

• More jobs can be templated per day with one person
• Traveling to job sites using a small vehicle will reduce fuel costs
• Precise drawings produced by the Proliner® result in precise cutting of your normal, double or hard glass and therefore eliminating the high cost of wasted material

Other advantages of the Proliner®:

• The production will be simplified because the drawing from the Proliner® can be connected to your CNC machine immediately after a short revision in almost any CAD program
• From the Proliner® to a CAD program you can produce an exact plot on mylar (plastic) or vinyl which can be used for cutting material cost effectively

About Prodim International

In 1995 two Dutch entrepreneurs developed a digital measuring device to measure 2-dimensionally. Later on this product was developed to a 3-dimensional measuring device. The company was primarily active in the Dutch market. After a period of time the company elected to become truly international and in 2001 a new life was breathed into the equipment under the name of Prodim International BV. Great attention was paid to developing the product, and perfecting the three dimensional concept. Today we are at the peak of technology in this field. The market has developed further and Prodim International is known the world over. The company is active in all European countries, the USA, Australia and Asia. The company has focused on the natural stone industry, glass, woodworking and ship building. The company is continuously in search for new sales areas, as well as new uses for this amazing digitizer.

For more information about Prodim and Proliner®, please look at, or contact Esther Tekelenburg, Marketing Executive at, or +31 (0)493-690336.

600450 Prodim announces revolutionary digital measuring device

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