Prodim Announces Proliner® 8-Series, new Generation 3D Measuring Device

Date: 6 October 2006
Source: Prodim and Proliner®
*** Glasstec, Hall 12, Booth E06 ***As a result of the success of the first Proliner®, Prodim International will now release a new version of the 3D-measuring device, the Proliner® 8-Series.

This new model is very compact and lightweight, has a lot of storage space, a large 8.4” touch screen, simplified user-friendly software and extensive possibilities for expanded usage.

The machine’s weight is 8,5 kilos, and it is designed to offer optimal transportability. This model is extremely useful for people who need to travel and measure on-site. The measuring head can be folded into the machine for optimal protection during travel. The compact design allows the user to conveniently transport the machine anywhere, e.g. it can be easily stored in overhead compartments on planes.

A socket connection, as well as the possibility to use rechargeable batteries provides optimal flexibility. The machine has a USB port, so results can be downloaded onto a laptop or USB stick and the digitizing processing can be started immediately.

The Proliner® 8-Series works with the same dependable principle as the first Proliner® model, which registers the X-Y-Z co-ordinates of the desired shape, and translates these directly into a digital CAD file in DXF format. The new Proliner® 8-Series is targeted for specific industries.

The software platform of the Proliner® 8-Series is very extensive and offers a variety of possibilities. It has some CAD functionalities integrated into the machine, like trimming and fillet, which enables the user to prepare for production, while still on-site.

Prodim separately offers the following software options:

• Leapfrog Software : The Proliner® 8-Series has a measuring radius of 5 meters, however a reference triangle allows one to measure infinitely larger surfaces. The leapfrog software combines the drawings made with the help of the reference triangle into one exact drawing.

• Calculation Software : Prodim has developed calculation software specifically for the countertop industry. This enables the user to make an on-site price quotation for any countertop in various natural stone types.

• Glass-Flattening Software: With the Proliner® 8-Series it is possible to measure a bent or curved window in 3D. In order to be able to produce the window on a CNC machine, it is necessary to flatten the 3D CAD drawing to 2D. Prodim now introduces the Glass-Flattening software, which is able to do this.

The Proliner® 8-Series is very small and compact, but has a lot of extra storage space. It is possible to carry two spare batteries, a digital camera, different add-ons, and there is still space for other items.

The design of the Proliner® 8-Series is advanced, both in functionality and in looks. It has been made to provide maximum comfort, stability and durability. The 8.4” touch screen makes the Proliner® 8-Series very user friendly.

The integrated speakers enable the user to adjust the beep-volume, which makes it suitable for noisy working environments. A LED light indicates the status of the battery.

In summary, with the Proliner® 8-Series it is now easier to measure 2- or 3D shapes than ever before.

About Prodim International

In 1995 two Dutch entrepreneurs developed a digital measuring device to measure 2-dimensionally. Later on this product was developed to a 3-dimensional measuring device. The company was primarily active in the Dutch market. After a period of time the company elected to become truly international and in 2001 a new life was breathed into the equipment under the name of Prodim International BV. Great attention was paid to developing the product, and perfecting the three dimensional concept. Today we are at the peak of technology in this field, and have introduced a new generation Proliners®, the 8-Series. The market has developed further and Prodim International is known the world over. Prodim USA has been founded in 2005. The company is active in all European countries, the USA, Middle-East, Australia and Asia and has focused on the natural stone industry, glass, woodworking and ship building. Prodim International is continuously in search for new sales areas, as well as new uses for this amazing digitizer.

For more information about Prodim and Proliner®, please look at, or contact Inge Beckers, Marketing Executive at, or +31 (0)492-579051.

600450 Prodim Announces Proliner® 8-Series, new Generation 3D Measuring Device

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