Prodim Announces Proline Laser Systems

Date: 6 October 2006
Source: Prodim
*** Glasstec, Hall 12, Booth E06 ***The Prodim Proline Laser is a new real-time precision laser system, which enables users to measure large objects with high accuracy.

The Proline Laser is extremely useful in interior building, shipbuilding and in the construction industry. Floors, ceilings, and bigger spaces can be measured quickly and easily.

The Proline Laser is a very convenient laser based machine. In a couple of minutes, you are able to measure any object, or space very precisely. You will save time and money, as you lower your operating costs.

The Proline Laser registers the X and Y co-ordinates of the desired space or object, and translates these field measurements directly into a digital drawing in DXF format. The drawing exists of multi-color and multi-plane files, which can be opened and edited in any CAD program.


The Proline Laser is very small, compact, and portable. The Proline Laser is solidly constructed to withstand “real world” working conditions. The machine can conveniently be placed on a tripod.


The Proline Laser has been designed to be ergonomically comfortable and facilitate ease of use. This lightweight machine only weighs 5,5 Kg, so it can be taken anywhere and is very convenient to measure on-site. Its travel case protects the unit during transport.


The Proline Laser’s state of the art looks are backed up with the latest technology. Thanks to a bluetooth connection, the laser can be operated by a PDA. This allows CAD operations to be performed on site. You are able to see all the data on your screen and with the CAD operations, you can check and finalize a drawing on-site, and if you have a wireless air card, you can even send it to the shop for production.


The Proline Laser is extremely accurate. The highest quality components have been selected to build the Proline Laser. A 300.000 PPR high precision encoder ensures no difference at large distances. It does not matter if you are at 3m, or 90m distance. The precision will remain the same.

Power Supply

An AC connection, as well as the possibility to use rechargeable batteries provides optimal flexibility. Each battery can be used for 8 hours continuously. When the machine is connected to the power, the batteries located in the machine will be recharged automatically.

Proline Laser 3D

The 3D Proline Laser has the same functionalities as the Proline Laser 2D, plus some extra features.

The unit’s accuracy can be fine-tuned based upon the specific distance. This is especially useful for measuring large distances.

There is no set-up time required for the 3D Proline Laser. Levelling is not necessary, which means that you can start measuring immediately. The 3D model registers the X-Y and Z coordinates, which result in a 3D drawing in DXF format.

The 3D model is extremely useful for measuring large spaces, whereas the 2D model is very useful for measuring flat surfaces.

About Prodim International

In 1995 two Dutch entrepreneurs developed a digital measuring device to measure 2-dimensionally. Later on this product was developed to a 3-dimensional measuring device. The company was primarily active in the Dutch market. After a period of time the company elected to become truly international and in 2001 a new life was breathed into the equipment under the name of Prodim International BV. Great attention was paid to developing the product, and perfecting the three dimensional concept. Today we are at the peak of technology in this field, and have introduced a new generation Proliners®, the 8-Series. The market has developed further and Prodim International is known the world over. Prodim USA has been founded in 2005. The company is active in all European countries, the USA, Middle-East, Australia and Asia and has focused on the natural stone industry, glass, woodworking and ship building. Prodim International is continuously in search for new sales areas, as well as new uses for this amazing digitizer.

600450 Prodim Announces Proline Laser Systems
Date: 6 October 2006
Source: Prodim

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