Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design, January 26-27, 2010 in Paris

Date: 27 January 2010
Source: Gerresheimer
The aesthetic worlds of glass & plastics: Gerresheimer products enhance the appeal of fragrances and cosmetics The Group's packaging repertoire has the finesse to market special products with special appeal Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design are taking to the Paris catwalks again when the two-day trade show, which is also known around the world as PCD, opens its doors on January 26, 2010.

The Gerresheimer Group's exhibition concept is set to inspire visitors from all segments of the perfume and cosmetics industry. The stand, located in section D01, showcases extravagant glass products and plastic wellness products in a vibrant exhibition for the prestigious and sophisticated masstige market.

With all feasible glass design possibilities and an upmarket range of plastic products, Gerresheimer is one of a select few providers with genuine expertise in the entire repertoire of aesthetic packaging. Specific market segments? "We don't focus on any particular market segment," said Burkhard Lingenberg, Director Corporate Communication & Marketing at the Gerresheimer Group. "We manufacture products for all segments of the cosmetics industry which sell beauty in beautiful packaging and special products with special appeal." Gerresheimer brand packaging is a marketing tool par excellence for products ranging from elegant fragrances to invigorating shower gels. The exhibits on show in Paris enhance the appeal of all kinds of fragrances, creams and lotions, allow nail varnishes and hair coloration products to shine and give deodorants, shampoos and other products such as sun oils a very sleek and unique appearance. The Group evidently has both the know-how to create excellent designs and broad expertise in all aspects of sophisticated finishing.

Some of the current product highlights in glass are feeder colored, others have a delicate, degradee spray finish, some feature a trendy watercolor print, others are decorated using the sublimation technique, boast silky acid-etched patterns or are simply completely transparent. Even the lettering, instead of being printed on the product, is featured as a transparent surface relief.

This is the method used on 'Replay your fragrance!', a new product launched by Procter & Gamble in connection with its Replay jeans label. The innovative feature of this fragrance - it can be refreshed after hours of wear by putting a drop of water on the skin – reflects the otherwise disarming design concept. The lettering runs down the glass like water and the bottle itself is decorated with smudges of color and watery, blurred fingerprints. Gerresheimer created this ingenious work of utility art with watercolor tampon printing.

The current trend is moving towards innovative design and seldom has a design been so innovative as that of the new Puig fragrance, 'Springfield'. The transparent glass bottle is compact in shape with a short neck. It establishes an immediate rapport with beholders before fully capturing their attention with its unorthodox lines: a combination of cube and sphere. Oriflame's 'Dancing Lady' exudes an entirely different kind of dynamic appeal, and it has now entered the US Brand Packaging Magazine's Annual Design Gallery as one of the 'Best Packaging Solutions in 2009'. The design consists of three spherical bowls set into each other with a hint of white degradee spraying to create the illusion of a fragrant pirouette. And simply because it's so beautiful, another example of a flacon that is both rectangular and round, also featuring degradee spraying yet delivering an entirely different overall look is 'sole mio' by SPPC Paris Bleu/Yves de Sistelle. The fragrance is contained in a hollow celestial body which emerges, glass clear and majestic, from a sea of lilac – incorporated in a rectangular glass block like a futuristic snapshot. Anything that beautifies you is also beautiful - it's all a question of credibility. Avon has developed this principle to perfection with its cosmetic creams. The Avon products are presented in novel glass pots with an eye-catching design in a range of beautiful colors, making them strikingly different to the other packaging concepts in the market. One of the newest and most enchanting pot designs features a radiant, deep red color with subtle shimmer effects. The transparent sprayed glass pot containing 'Reversalist Night' is just slightly transparent so that the creamy white product can shimmer through; and instead of conventional printing, it has hot-foil embossed, shiny silver lettering. It's energizing even just to look at.

Gerresheimer's plastics range harmonizes with the glass panorama, featuring international top-level products and an abundance of creative inspiration. The comprehensive range of products includes diverse aesthetic designs, colors ranging from pastel and vibrant to metallic, with unconventional print effects and matching closure, dosing and dispensing systems. A current flyer provides a brief overview of the plastics range for the cosmetics industry. It is also available as a download at

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