Perfect Rack optimizes rack management

PERFECT RACK optimizes rack management. The module is part of Perfect Cut. The results obtained by our customers have shown that using this option brings about a 2 hours a day reduction in plant times or, in other words, a production growth of about 20-25%, whereas scrap growth is low, under 1%.

Amortization times for a medium-sized glass company are a matter of a few months.

The optimizer firstly deals with the arrangement of the pieces on racks and, secondly, with the arrangement of the pieces on the cutting layout.

The sequence of cutting layouts is defined so that it is not necessary to move in order to arrange the pieces and take them to the double-glazing department or to the shipping department. This is a time-, rack- and space-saving operation and it avoids glass scratching and breaking.

The algorithm considers the various types of racks available, the specific parameters for the positioning of the pieces on the racks, as well as the space for the racks in the cutting department.







The aim of obtaining an orderly sequence on racks after the optimization can result in a scrap penalty, therefore scraps must be constantly watched. According to the ‘weight’ set by the user, it is possible to determine a right balance between the obtained scrap and the aim of having already ordered pieces after a cutting operation.

To avoid an excessive penalization of the scrap, it may be necessary to ‘park’ some pieces before their final arrangement. However, the optimization process uses this kind of operation only when necessary.

For each piece, information about positioning on racks is displayed on the cutting layout: rack code, the side, the stack, any parking information, if all rack pieces are over, etc.

A special print highlights the pieces inserted in each rack.







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