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Digital generation “Full Windows”The whole family of 10 Series Numerical Controls has been renewed both in content and in look.

One of the reasons for the continuos success of the 10 Series family of numerical Controls is the growing improvement of the product offer, that constantly monitors the evolution of electronic devices and software technologies, and guarantees in this way the most satisfactory performances of a numerical control.This is why OSAI presents a CNC based on the following guidelines:
-Integration of the most recent SW technologies to completely remote the CNC
-One only proprietary digital bus for the management of all the field

The remote CNC for solutions in distributed architecture.

OSAI’s 10 Series CNC is the best solution that integrates a Windows environment with the Front End of the CNC that can be any type of common PC connected to the CNC through Ethernet interface. An other solution is OSAI’s 10/510 WinLink in which the CPU dedicated to the real-time and the CPU dedicated to the front end are integrated in one single case, but are totally independent and communicate between each other always through Ethernet interface.

The powerful DLL libraries, used to interface all the functionalities of the CNC allow to develop, through “object oriented” languages like Visual Basic™ and Visual C++™, some actual “customised” graphical tools according to the specific requirements needed by the application. It is now possible thanks to COM/DCOM technology oriented to distributed architectures, on which DLL OSAI libraries are based, to use the same graphic tools situated in different points of the factory network.

For who doesn’t have the specific files or skills that are necessary to create the graphic tool mentioned above WinNBI (Windows Network Based Interface), is the right solution.

WinNBI is Osai’s new interface created with the network. It is possible to have a “user friendly” and graphic oriented operator interface that can be customised with the simple use of the mouse and simple techniques as “Point & Click” and “Drag & Drop”. The big advantage is that there is no need for any Windows programming knowledge. It is possible to create customised system process screens just by inserting elementary objects like axes position, Feed, Speed, G, M, T, functions with the possibility of modifying fonts and colours. In this way you can create different screens, and each of them can be matched with one or more processes according to the specific requirements of the application. Further more, based on COM/DCOM technology oriented to distributed architecture, WinNBI can interface with different CNCs and be distributed in different points of the factory network.

Together with WinNBI we would like to introduce WinPLUS, the new tool to develop the machine logic in Windows environment, in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard. It offers a graphic editor in different colours according to the syntax of the different programming languages that can be used (ST, LD, FB, SFC), a wide range of instruments for the debugging like for example “Tracing”, the management of the “break points”, with the possibility of stopping the execution of each single task without stopping the execution of the others, “watch” windows to visualise and force the value of the variables and it is possible to visualise the transitions of the LD, FB, SFC.

One unique bus for drives and I/Os management

FastWire is the new transmission digital protocol that exceeds the main competitors reaching a top data transfer rate: 90MBaud!
ùThis support allows to connect up to 64 FastWire devices and to monitor the internal size of the high frequency peripherals.

The drives and the I/O are just like simple memory locations that give the big advantage of reading and writing all the specific variables of the peripherals. The real time reading of some items such as electrical power and following error, allows to auto-tune the machine, without using any external sensor.
“Fine” hardware synchronisation: the synchronisation between the master (the CNC) and all the devices is totally generated by the hardware. This allows to interpolate more axes with a great accuracy and precision without influencing the data speed rate even if the number of devices increases. Infact, the same DSP plugged in OSAI’s drives receives the clock directly from the CNC, guaranteeing in this way a “fine “ synchronisation of the single loop inside each single drive.

Reduced wiring: FastWire allows to connect different types of devices to the CNC.

OSAI supplies I/O digital and analogue modules using the same Protocol, simply by wiring a single cable it will be possible to interface: CNC, I/O modules, encoder inputs, analogue I/O and especially the new digital Drives OS3.

Our goal: flexibility

The servo drive market requires products that could accomplish different kinds of applications: OS3 has been thought and developed to fulfil these needs.

Flexibility in driving different motor technologies:
OS3 can drive brush-less synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, and variable reluctance motors

Flexibility on Feedback transducer:
OS3 has some special items that can read SINCOS encoder, incremental encoders with and without Hall effects, and sinusoidal encoder .

Setup Flexibility :
OS3 can accept either position, velocity, or torque Command. When bootstrapping the concerned parameters are automatically downloaded. The most innovative characteristic is that it is possible to switch from a position control to a torque control simply by using a command. Generally a lot of mechanic equipment is used in applications where a ”Constant Torque” must be used. With OS3 all this mechanic equipment will not be necessary because once the work position is reached, just by using one single Command the drive will be set in torque mode. An other common situation could be a machine with a lot of axes, in this case OS3 offers the possibility of centralising on the master or the CNC the position control only for the axes that need it, In this way it will possible to have on the same machine some axes driven in position, some in velocity and some in torque and it will be possible to modify their position dynamically.

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