Officine Mistrello: 15 years in the glass storage and handling automation sector

Officine Mistrello has been operating for 15 years in the glass storage and handling automation sector.

Initially, for a few years, production included the realisation of glass storage orthogonal warehouses (classifiers) and then evolved specialising in designing and building completely automated systems for picking up and handling glass plates from fixed stands or classifiers taking them to cutting systems, including the return of the glass plates to the starting location.Thanks to the realization of at least forty automated systems and to the co-operation of its customers, the Company can boast great benefits both in terms of productivity (30%) and safety.







This system has been designed to meet the requirements of medium to high companies with limited space available for glass handling. Exploiting orthogonal classifiers and a loading/unloading system with ground-level guides, this automation allows to increase the warehouse capacity by 40% and to achieve the automatic pick-up of the plates in a very short time (120 seconds).

Accompanied by the invaluable cooperation of its customers, its evolution has allowed the Company to develop a “new generation” in the glass automatic handling sector that, in comparison with the past, offers the user various opportunities of optimising production among which the totally automatic unloading of glass plates from the truck stand to the classifier; this is achieved thanks to tested programmes allowing night work cycles or, for instance, during the operators’ lunch break or in periods when no glass is needed for cutting.

A great benefit for the customer is also the possibility of using the “plate return” function: as a matter of fact the system has been designed for storing the cutting off-cuts in either a classifier or stand and allows to store them in the memory to be used in the following cutting cycles, allowing the best possible exploitation of the raw material.








This solution has already been adopted successfully in companies with very high productivity that had wide spaces and fairly recent warehouses and whose main requirement was the storage of new types of glass. This system has been designed for companies with very high productivity that had long and narrow warehouses so that a higher number of classifiers or stands could be used in parallel.

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