New Low-Cost Hydrophobic Coating For Glass Now Available In the U.S.

Date: 5 July 2004
Source: EurotecUSA
EurotecUSA announced the availability in the US of a new low-cost, permanent, micro-thin hydrophobic coating and application system for glass.

The new polymer film coating, originally developed for coating shower door and tube enclosure glass to prevent dirt, hard water and soap scum build-up, can be used to coat any float glass to prevent all types of surface contamination.

The product is applied with a low cost slot-die application head and infrared drying system built by Coatema GmbH and sold by EurotecUSA, Inc.

"This coating material is a liquid compound designed for surface treatment of any type of float glass", said Dr. Andreas Giessmann, Managing Director of Coatema. "It provides durable protection against adverse enviromental influences. One of the prime product properties is its protective coating feature which is due to the hydrophobic (water repellant) action of a special polymer film. This prevents the accumulation of contaminants, thus significantly reducing the glass cleaning frequency."

Dr. Giessmann elaborated by saying, "Further it protects glass surfaces from many aggressive conditions, which include acid rain, pollution and constant condensation. In different ways all three media have a severe deteriorating impact on the quality of the glass. Hydrophobic-coated glass helps prevent the risk of a chemical attack through these conditions. In particular, it provides effective and long lasting protection against glass blinding due to condensation. This feature is significant since increasingly stringent thermal insulating requirements for buildings lead to increased condensation on the outside pane."

The new coating can easily be applied to glass sheets up to 60 by 80 inches using the Coatema system operating a speeds ranging from 2 to 30 feet per minute. After treatment a chemical reaction permanently binds the hydrophobic system to the glass surface. The process requires no after cleaning which is unique in the market.

Smooth or textured glass surfaces can be coated. The process is suitable for both new and already installed glass panes.

600450 New Low-Cost Hydrophobic Coating For Glass Now Available In the U.S.
Date: 5 July 2004
Source: EurotecUSA

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