New Hotmelt Guns For Filling Gas Plug Holes

Thermoseal Group has introduced a range of new stand-alone Hot Melt Guns for filling small holes left in sealed units when gas filling.

There are two guns in the range including the yellow 200 watt gun and the black 400 watt gun with pneumatic assistance. Both guns heat up quickly and feature thermostats to help control the heat in the in-built chambers to ensure that the guns are safe for handling and the hot melt doesn’t burn.

Both guns are operated by a trigger switch which displaces the hot melt into the gas corner key or gas plug hole as directed by the operator. The 440 watt gun offers resistance-free dispensing for operator ease and a higher overall volume output.

Mark Hickox, Sales Director at Thermoseal Group, says: “As gas filled units become more and more popular, there is increasing pressure on sealed unit manufacturers to comply with EN1279 part 3 so that they can sell units to satisfy the market.

“EN1279 part 3 compliance relies on minimising gas leakage from sealed units to ensure the unit’s longevity. This can only be achieved by tightening up on the manufacturing process and ensuring that all of the unit’s potential weak points are gas tight. Of course, to meet demand and make a profit, these extra requirements need to be built efficiently into the manufacturing process so that they don’t impact greatly on the time and cost-efficiency of the manufacturing process and the profitability of the business.

“As a dynamic business in the current changing market, we are constantly looking to offer the right equipment to ease the manufacturing process and ensure the long-term success of our customers. These new Hot Melt Guns constitute a small cost for easing the manufacturing process and ensuring that units remain gas-tight for years to come.”

600450 New Hotmelt Guns For Filling Gas Plug Holes
Date: 30 January 2008
Source: Thermoseal Group

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