MAVER GLASS MACHINERY SRL - High technology cutting lines and tables for glass industry, and automatic saws for bulletproof glass

Date: 19 October 2004
Hall 15 / Stand F08MAVER GLASS MACHINERY SRL is specifically specialized in producing high technology cutting lines and tables for glass industry, and automatic saws for bulletproof glass.Our brand met a fast and satisfying penetration into international market.

Following the natural success of our activity, starting at the begin of this year we have launched a industrial plan to improve the production.

Maver Glass Machinery s.r.l. produces a complete range of cutting tables for float and laminated glass. Cutting table mod. MV-S is a very high performance cutting table that, thanks to a perfect coupling between pinions and hardened round racks, allows to work 120/140 m/min with a precision of +/- 0.15 mm. The innovative cutting head allows to obtain open shaped cuts up to 6-8 mm. Besides, a shape sensor allows to easily copy each kind of shape that is made of glass or other material to insert it in an optimisation. Another model is the straight automatic cutting table MV-D400; it’s an automatic table for small and medium glass works.

Cutting table mod. MV-M400 is a table with manual cutting bridge in which the cutting quotas can be selected by digital displays. The feature of this kind of table is sole in the market: it can be converted into automatic model MV-M400A (semiautomatic cutting table with automatic movement of the cutting head) or into MV-D400.

All the above models can cut all the kinds of glass (included printed, anilox, Low-E, sheet glass) from 2 to 19 mm thickness.

The big innovation is definitely the new model for cutting laminated glass MV-STS330. It’s a completely automatic cutting table with hydraulic system for cutting glass pieces and cold PVB separation with blade. Everything is managed by a Personal Computer with specific optimisation program for cutting laminated glass and by a PLC for machine cycle.

Together with the partner BGT we are glad to introduce the new working centre for THINK3 glass. It is a digitally controlled machine with 3 interpolated axes with a max. working area of 5000x1900 mm for cutting, shaping, milling, engraving, drilling and polishing glass. The framework is made of electro-welded steel; the axes move along sectioned runners, using ball screws lubricated by means of an automatic centralised lubrication system driven by brushless motors. The machine presents some innovations in the way the tool-changing machine is equipped (registered patents) and in the working speed.

The system adopted to hold pieces in position uses special double-seal vacuum suction cups fitted onto modular aluminium sections. This system drastically reduces the times required to position the suction cups, which are always very long, and the stainless steel work surface remains completely free of obstruction from pneumatic pipes.
The tool storage unit, instead of being positioned at the side of the work surface, is fitted directly onto the machine bridge, which therefore reduces down time caused by moving the bridge towards the tool storage unit and also the stress the machine undergoes when the bridge is moved rapidly towards the tool area. The tool storage unit rotates and can therefore carry up to 30 tools; thanks to the CNC, the heads always goes into the same position to take hold of the tool.
The tanks for the complete recovery of the cooling water are positioned under the machine. As these tanks are not fixed rigidly to the machine, they can easily be removed and more easily cleaned.
The electronic part of the machine is composed of an ergonomic control panel positioned on wheels so that the operator can control the working stages perfectly. On the control panel there is a personal computer with Windows ’98 and above platform interface, a TFT LCD colour monitor, a membrane keyboard and a module for running up to 256 tools.

B.G.T.'s range also offers the conventional “COMPACT” 3-axis work centre, available in a number of versions, a water jet machine (also multi-head) for cutting glass, marble, plastic and steel, and systems for treating and filtering water.

The new automatic saw for bulletproof glass BL100 for jumbo and half-jumbo size is a machine made of a steel structure treated with hot galvanizing. The structure is very strong and rigid and secures the absence of any chatter that would cause a not perfect cut of the glass.
A set of independent wheels, built with a material with high resistance against wear, goes out and in automatically each time you need to move the cut position of the glass. This innovative system allows the glass not to be constantly leaned on the supports (rolls or tracks) and allows the weight not to damage the supports, without causing expensive maintenances.
The cutting system turns automatically into 0-90° to allow the horizontal and vertical cut of the sheet, and it is moved by high speed motors with speed control by inverter. Thanks to an automatic inclination system of the head group, it’s possible to cut up to 45°.
The machine is controlled by a PLC; the positioning of the sheet on the cutting zone happens by a digital keyboard that talks with the PLC and places the glass on the cutting point with extreme precision. To compensate possible deformations of the glass, the machine has a system of auto-levelling supports. Once the cut phase ends, the head accelerates to go again to cut position. To fill the basins you need about 1000 litres of water. Then, thanks to a close circuit you need only few quantities of water for the topping-up

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600450 MAVER GLASS MACHINERY SRL - High technology cutting lines and tables for glass industry, and automatic saws for bulletproof glass

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