Lynch Systems’ - LH28-IS Inline Press & Blow

Date: 2 October 2006
Source: Lynch Systems
Lynch Systems is proud to announce the next generation of our modular and versatile individual station LH28-IS Inline Press & Blow machine.

Our machine will be on display at GlassTec Hall 14 Booth C77.

This machine is designed to appeal to the following producers requirements:
- Flexible array of article sizes – up to 240mm
diameter and 300mm height.
- Smaller furnace applications
- Different articles simultaneously
- Articles to order vs. stock
- Initial entry into the Press and Blow Market

This innovative machine is capable of producing a wide range of articles not possible on traditional H28 Hartford style machines, or the containerware IS machine and at a fraction of the cost. Think of the IS containerware machines production for press and blow articles but without the seams or the neckring mark This new press and blow machine has been designed using H28 parts that are standard to the industry, while incorporating the latest advances in servo technology. The LH28-IS is an operator friendly machine that will minimize downtime and allow for quick job changes, which in turn will improve productivity and profitability. Standard commercial hardware and and valves allow for lower costs on replacement parts and shorter lead times. With LH28-IS you will not need to stock large inventories of mold equipment compared to the 12 and 18 Station press and blow machines. You will have even greater flexibility for a wide range of product line and they will be easier to manage than ever before.

The Lynch electronic controls package allows customers to save profiles and make job changes with ease. Customers can expect speeds up to 10 articles per minute on this smooth running press and blow section. With these production speeds that were previously unattainable, the new Lynch LH28-IS has revolutionized the manufacture of footed ware and thick walled glassware. This simple, cost effective LH28-IS gives you the ability to run different articles at each station (maximum gob wieght difference limited to ability of feeder) and to change them independently while not disturbing the production of the other stations. Mold “change out” is a snap.

The LH28-IS provides a safe place for maintenance, away from the hot delivery system. The LH28-IS also offers the opportunity for future production growth without adding new production lines. Just add more stations! So when you think versality and quality articles for press and blow, come see us at Glasstec or later view our machine under production.

600450 Lynch Systems’ - LH28-IS Inline Press & Blow

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