Intersolar 2009: SCHOTT Solar presence solely devoted to quality

• Solar energy is a safe investment – provided one relies on high quality modules • Stars on the booth: SCHOTT Poly 300® Double Glass Module, SCHOTT ASI 100® Thin-Film Module, SCHOTT InDaX® V 175 for roof-integrationMainz/Munich, March 19, 2009 – This year, SCHOTT Solar AG will be presenting its new high quality modules at the industry’s leading exhibition, Intersolar.

All of the products that SCHOTT Solar will be introducing at Intersolar are the result of the company’s more than 50 years of experience. Visitors to booth 460 in hall A1 will be able to learn more about the flagships of the SCHOTT Solar portfolio: the high-performance double glass module SCHOTT Poly 300, the SCHOTT ASI 100 thin-film module, as well as the SCHOTT InDaX V 175 for integration into roofs. Building-integrated solar systems based on ASI Glass® standard products are yet another main focus. The Intersolar 2009 takes place from May 27 – 29, 2009, at the New Munich Trade Fair Center.


“Solar energy is an attractive investment, especially in uncertain times, because one invests in real assets and receives guaranteed compensation from the government for twenty years. But this will only work out at the end if the modules continue to perform for this long and consistently deliver the same high output,” advises Dr. Martin Heming, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


SCHOTT Solar developed a special double glass technology that offers extremely high durability against severe weather conditions, strong suction and pressure loads, but also high ammonia or methane contamination levels in agricultural environments. The new SCHOTT Poly 300 combines 50 years of experience in encapsulation technology with the most advanced cell technology for generating sustained yields at extreme locations.


Thanks to how well it reacts to scattered light and its integrated wiring, the SCHOTT ASI Series, on the other hand, fits onto roofs just perfectly; even those with extreme angles of inclination or that don’t exactly face south. SCHOTT Solar managed to increase the efficiency of the latest ASI thin-film module quite considerably from 87 watts to 100 watts of stabilized nominal output in only a short time. The durable aluminum frame makes them very easy to install. Due to the low operating voltage of 17.5 volts, SCHOTT ASI modules allow for efficient string wiring and are also suited for use in remote applications and 12 volt systems.


With the SCHOTT InDaX V 175 in-roof modular system, solar electricity modules no longer need to be mounted on top of an existing roof – the modules themselves are the roof. Here, they generate solar electricity and protect the house against wind and bad weather at the same time. The system is extremely sturdy and is considered to be a full-fledged roof under regional building regulations, due to its specially hardened front glass. The modules feature a condensation drain and are also back ventilated. In other words, they serve as a normal roof that is also capable of generating electricity.


With its ASI Glass® products, SCHOTT Solar offers a wide variety of standard modules especially for building integration. 


Overview of technical data 



• Nominal output: 100 Wp

• Voltage at nominal output: 17.5 V

• Maximum system voltage: 1000 V

• Weight: 18 kg

• Dimensions: 1108 x 1308 mm

• Frame height: 50 mm

• Connections: Tyco socket with bypass diode, Tyco connector


• Nominal output: 175 Wp

• Voltage at nominal output: 35.9 V

• Maximum system voltage: 1000 V

• Weight: 25 kg

• Dimensions: 850 x 1700 mm

• Frame height: 50 mm

• Connections: Tyco socket with bypass diode, Tyco connector

SCHOTT Poly 300

• Nominal output: 300 Wp

• Voltage at nominal output: 39.7 V

• Maximum system voltage: 1000 V

• Weight: 41.8 kg

• Dimensions: 1685 x 1313 mm

• Frame height: 50 mm

• Connections: Tyco socket with bypass diode, Tyco connector 


SCHOTT Poly 300, SCHOTT ASI 100, SCHOTT InDaX V 175 and ASI Glass are registered trademarks of SCHOTT Solar AG.


Further information is available under  


SCHOTT Solar, with its high quality products, enables the potential of the sun as a nearly inexhaustible source of energy to be utilized. And it’s for exactly that reason that SCHOTT Solar produces important components for photovoltaic applications and solar energy plants. In the photovoltaic industry, the company is one of the few integrated manufacturers of crystalline silicon wafers, cells and modules. The production of the wafers is ensured by the WACKER SCHOTT Solar joint venture, which also secures the supply of silicon, enabling long-term growth. In thin-film technology, SCHOTT Solar also describes itself an advanced supplier due to having over twenty years of experience. And in the production of receivers for solar power plants, SCHOTT Solar sees itself as a market and technology leader. The receivers are key components in large-scale power plants that generate electricity from solar energy centrally on the basis of parabolic trough technology and are able to supply entire cities with power. SCHOTT Solar has production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and Spain. The innovative power and technological competence of the company date back to the late 1950s. SCHOTT Solar GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international SCHOTT technology group. SCHOTT develops special materials, components and systems for the household appliance, pharmaceutical, solar energy, electronics, optical and automotive industries. With around 17,300 employees, the SCHOTT Group generated a worldwide turnover of about 2.2 billion euros in fiscal year 2007/2008.


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