Innovations from SCHOTT for more luxury and design with ROBAX® fireplace viewing

Date: 29 February 2012
Source: SCHOTT/
World’s first panel with a 270 degree opening angle / New METALLIC design effectsThe technology group SCHOTT has now become the world’s first manufacturer to introduce a fireplace viewing panel with an opening angle of 270 degrees for fireplaces with luxurious designs.

The company that specializes in glass-ceramics will also be offering new design effects for its ROBAX® panels: decorative new colors are applied to the fireplace panels with the help of a special printing process that makes designs with a metallic look possible. The company will be unveiling these new products at the Progetto Fuoco trade fair in Verona.

The new SCHOTT ROBAX® fireplace viewing panel with an opening angle of 270 degrees meets the highest demands for unique shapes. “Due to the growing popularity of deformed fireplace viewing panels, a product portfolio that offers our customers a wide variety of shapes and designs is becoming more and more important,” says Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager at SCHOTT ROBAX®. The innovative panel from SCHOTT’s luxury segment is available with a radius of 300 mm and a height of 600 mm (other dimensions upon request).

SCHOTT also has something new to offer in 2012 with respect to design variety. “The innovation lies in a new printing process developed by SCHOTT and the decorative colors that allow us to achieve a metallic look,” Eymael says. “The decorative element of a three-dimensionally shaped panel is enhanced even further by our new METALLIC design effects, which give even a plain flat panel more of a perspective impression.”

SCHOTT develops three METALLIC design effects in total: ‘ochre on mystic black,’ ‘anthracite on mystic black’ and ‘red on mystic black.’ “A year ago, we announced that we would be extending our range of shapes and decorative colors. Now, we have succeeded in doing so with our 270-degree panel and our new metallic design effects,” Isabel Eymael proudly notes. The trend towards panels that are as large as possible, three-dimensional in shape and often include customized decorative designs will continue this year as well.

SCHOTT ROBAX® has been recognized to be a high-quality German brand for more than 30 years. Over 60 million panels of this robust glass-ceramic have already been sold. In most cases, it is used as a fireplace viewing panel, due to its transparency, high temperature resistance and breaking strength. Body-tinted color versions of ROBAX® are also available for use in indoor and outdoor claddings of fireplaces and stoves.

600450 Innovations from SCHOTT for more luxury and design with ROBAX® fireplace viewing
Date: 29 February 2012
Source: SCHOTT/

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