Industry Veterans Launch Innovative Curtain Wall Manufacturer

Industry Veterans Launch Innovative Curtain Wall Manufacturer
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We are pleased to announce the formal launch of FrēMarq Innovations, a custom curtain wall manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of framing systems that have set aside past perceptions of what a curtain wall can do.

FrēMarq’s approach focuses on the thermal performance of the frame while enhancing the overall assemblies’ performance.  Their current line of products feature several innovative curtain wall systems that take energy performance to new levels.

Industry Veterans Launch Innovative Curtain Wall Manufacturer“Past business models usually feature the use of a third party provider for thermal breaks and that can lessen the performance based on what they are given.  Framing designers then have to make compromises to get these two parts of the puzzle to fit together.

However here at FrēMarq Innovations, we are taking a different tack.  We know from experience what works and what doesn’t and we can honestly tell architects and designers the days of compromising performance are over,” said Todd Frederick, President of FrēMarq Innovations.

The FrēMarq Innovations approach features their broad product knowledge and a process to a better design.

“As a framing system designer, we knew what we wanted in a thermal break.  We wanted a non-conducting material that could support the weight of the infill that would be glazed into our framing system. 

Industry Veterans Launch Innovative Curtain Wall Manufacturer

The thermal break properties we were looking for; low thermal conductivity, does not react with aluminum or other metals, low thermal expansion, high strength to weight ration and affordability. Fiberglass was the best material we could find. But not just any fiberglass would do.

We worked with one of the largest fiberglass pultrusion companies in the world to determine the exact right type of fiberglass composition that would meet our specifications,” Frederick continued.

The experience mentioned above is extensive.  Frederick has spent more than 30 years in the curtain wall world including ownership of F-M Enterprises (sold in 2009), which he partnered with Dale Marquardt.  Marquardt also has ownership stake in this newest venture and brings substantial expertise as FrēMarq’s head of operations and production. 

Now Todd and Dale, along with Todd’s wife and business partner Renea lead the team at FrēMarq Innovations and make a dynamic group thanks to a past together where they collaborated on hundreds of successful aluminum projects with some of the best glazing contractors in North America.

FrēMarq has several framing systems in their offering and is in full-scale production at their headquarters facility in Wausau, Wisconsin.  For more information and details on FrēMarq Innovations, please visit

600450 Industry Veterans Launch Innovative Curtain Wall Manufacturer
Date: 30 September 2016

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