Guardian SunGuard High Selective SNX 60/28 HT Heat Treatable - For Even More Flexibility

SNX 60/28,  is the most recent addition to the SunGuard High Selective product range, SNX 60/28 has been available for the past year in its annealed form, however Guardian are now pleased to offer a heat treatable version.

SNX 60/28 utilizes the best ratio between light transmission and solar factor – 2,14 –, commonly known as selectivity, offering better design flexibility on architectural projects

SNX 60/28 HT is available monolithic in thicknesses ranging from 6 to 12 mm (4 mm upon request).

SNX 60/28 is also available annealed or in laminated and acoustic laminated glass.

SunGuard High Selective SNX 60/28  –  A natural looking glazing solution, which offers all year round comfort and reduced energy bills


  • Light transmission 60% - produced on ExtraClear® Glass - optimize the use of natural daylight
  • Solar factor 28% - reducing the need for mechanical cooling
  • Ug value 1,0 W/m²K for the highest level of thermal insulation

600450 Guardian SunGuard High Selective SNX 60/28 HT Heat Treatable - For Even More Flexibility

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