Guardian Decides To Invest In Turkey reported that according to the news in the Dünya Newspaper, the Guardian Industry, the US sheet glass producer which is renowned due to its aggressive growth strategy, is getting ready to invest in Turkey.

State Minister Kürşad Tüzmen stated that the company wanted to make investments worth USD 150-200 million. The Guardian officials are looking for a land in the Marmara Region which has a logistic advantage from the standpoint of the foreign market for investments.

The Guardian which is expected to be a rival to Şişecam, that has dominance worth nearly 70 percent of the domestic market, made its recent investments in Russia last month. The company is planning to make exports from Russia to Ukraine and Belarus by producing 750 tons of glass each day. Şişecam which ranks fifth in Europe as regards the sheet glass and second in Europe as regards the glass household goods added Ruscam Ufa factory to its facilities in Russia last month.

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