Glasstec 2008 – For.El. in the energy saving age

Catering, as always, for the expectations of the industry, For.El. announces that it will be presenting a series of breakthroughs and old mainstays at the forthcoming Glasstec event (Hall 16 Stand C19-D05).

For.El., a major player on the world market able to satisfy the demands of the double-glazing industry with a complete range of automations and processes designed to obtain a finished product with top performance in the field of energy saving.

And all this thanks to experience acquired over many years. For.El. research in the field of warm edge began in the 1980s with focus on finding alternative solutions to classic spacers, and continued in the ‘90s with the introduction of automatic inter-space gas filling and centres, and during the last decade with the presentation of the warm-edge insulating glazing, triple-glazing and systems for the composition of insulating panels that achieve a very low heat and noise conduction coefficient with results that exceed those achieved by building masonry.

Automation, personalization and innovation are For.El.’s strong points; in Dusseldorf the company will be presenting its very latest solutions, with main focus on production quality and worked-product requirements that exceed international energy-saving standards.

“The history and future of our company are closely tied to a team of people keenly focused and capable of pursuing technological research – says director Fortunato Vianello – the ongoing investment of resources in this direction has always provided us with an advantage over our competitors and with respect to market demands. What in the past appeared to be a point of arrival is no longer enough; For.El. continues to move ahead …….”

For.El. will be welcoming visitors in an area of over 1200 square metres, where demos will be staged of the various production lines: standard and warm-edge insulating glazing, lamination, vertical cutting and edge machining.

In 2007, the company presented the lamination line, a modern system able to machine many different types of special glazing in a very simple way. A number of machining processes, redesigned and updated to upgrade performance will be on show at Glasstec 2008, to highlight the company’s strong commitment to development.

In sequence, in the production flow of the glazing inside an industrial glass manufacturing facility, is the vertical cutting line for laminated glass interfaced with the storage warehouse and the loader for safe and automatic handling. Performances have been optimised and achieve a cutting capacity of more than 1000 square metres on an 8-hour-a-day production cycle (sheets of average dimension 1 square metre), employing just two operators.

Now to go on to For.El’s core business: the insulating glass production line which has also been optimised for the production of panels of dimensions unthinkable until just a few years ago and allows assembling top-quality panels with an excellent heat and sound dampening coefficient.

Also in operation will be the new in-line scanner for identifying shapes and dimensions, which automatically identifies the sheets of glass without having to enter the order data via software. The process is instantaneous and provides the data to the machinery that carry out the subsequent line operations.

Another big novelty is the in-line quality control scanner with integrated shape identification feature which checks and classifies any faults such as scratches and impurities affecting each single glass sheet and records the image files in a database. Scanner control considerably reduces any faults in the double-glazing panels.

After the prototype presented at Glassex / Gp&T 2008, big expectations for the presentation of the automatic applicator series TBB in its industrialised version, which positions in a completely automatic way the T-Spacer spacer profile of the US company Edgetech along the glazing surround to make the insulating glass panels and also curtain walls.

Close focus has also been placed on the composition of the staggered insulating glass: the new gas filling press for structural glazing series APGS which couples together the panels and at the same time charges them with gas (Argon or Krypton), all in one operation, with filling percentages above market standards.

In the edge-working sector, the breakthrough is represented by the vertical grinding unit series EM distinguished by continuous and complete edge machining on both straight and shaped glazing without handling the piece itself, obtaining the “industrial polished edge” and the “squaring up” of the sheet, while considerably cutting operating time and keeping to the production schedule of insulating glass systems.

To close the circle, to back up production organisation within the facility, For.El. presents a simple and complete management software package with numerous personalised functions and a highly intuitive interface, created thanks to cooperation with a famous industry software house, which fully completes the range of For.El. products and services, and reiterates the company’s role as supplier of competitiveness.

For.El. @ Glasstec Düsseldorf – Germany, 21-25 October 2008

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