GlassBuild is Going Online. Here's why I'm on Board.

Date: 10 August 2020

When I think of fall, I think of two things: football and trade show season. For more than two decades, I have been representing FeneTech at trade shows.

In the early years, I was heavily involved in every aspect of our show booth. I arrived early to set it up, demoed our software during the show, and stayed late to tear it down. As the years moved on, I was able to involve additional staff, and my involvement became more "supervisory" in nature. My team tells me (smiling respectfully) that I am more effective in this role. 

Ron Crowl

Ron Crowl, FeneTech president

This fall marks an unwanted interruption to the 20+ consecutive years of packing my bags and flying off to spend a week with many close industry friends. However, it certainly is not an interruption of FeneTech's desire to share with the industry what's new with our software products. While it is still questionable if we will actually see football played this fall, we all have an opportunity—even amid a pandemic—to bring a bit of normalcy to our lives by actively participating in GlassBuild Connect this September. 

While an online event can never replace the feeling of walking into a convention center in anticipation of seeing not only what’s new in the industry but also catching up with old friends, GlassBuild Connect is an opportunity to experience the advancements in the industry from the comfort of your laptop. Staying on top of new machinery, software, and component advancements is crucial for progressive-thinking companies. Maintaining the status quo is never going to take you to the next level.   

At FeneTech, we genuinely appreciate this online event to show the industry what is new in our software products. I am confident that the National Glass Association will make this a worthwhile event, and I look forward to seeing lots of traffic on our company page and product listings.  

A bonus—for an old-timer like me—is no late nights nor aspirin needed in the morning to combat the effects of that last cocktail just before the hotel bar closes... 

600450 GlassBuild is Going Online. Here's why I'm on Board.

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