Glass – A Stylish Material

Glass – A Stylish Material
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Architects and designers have always used glass to add that touch of marvel and class in homes and structures designed by them. Initially used only in window panels, this transparent and versatile building material is now also being used to replace wooden doors, brick walls and even facades.

Initially, glass was just used to provide the people inside a structure with a view of the world outside.

But now it is being used to make modern homes and buildings that are both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Types of stylish glass:

When it comes to styling your home with glass, there are many that do a fantastic job. They offer the perfect blend of style and function. This helps boost the aesthetic value of your homes and offices while also providing many added benefits. Based on their features, you will find a lot of options to choose from Tinted, décor lacquered, frosted and stained glasses are a few popular choices that architects prefer.

Stylish glass in homes:

There are many variants of glass that are at your disposal if you intend to use glass in your homes. To name a few, you could use stained glass on the main doors of your home; these not only look stunning but also create beautiful lighting effects inside the home. Another stylish glass you could use in your home is the frosted glass; it can be used as a room divider or in place of walls for your bathrooms and bedrooms. To add that final touch of fineness, you could use tinted glass for the corner rooms; in this way, you will get a fantastic view of your surroundings while also having complete privacy.

Stylish glass in commercial spaces:

When it comes to designing commercial buildings, architects have begun using Frosted and Swytchglas for the interiors. Whereas for the exteriors, they use solar control glass like – SunShield, Supersilver and Ecosense.

AIS Frosted and AIS Swytchglas are used around conference rooms and private cabins to allow in enough light while also maintaining privacy. AIS SunShield, Supersilver and Ecosense glass are used on the exteriors or facades to keep the sun’s radiation out while also adding aesthetic value to the structure.

Buildings designed in such a way look amazing and are also meant to be eco-friendly. The use of the above-mentioned glass considerably help lower the structure’s lighting and cooling needs. This helps keep power demands low and also maintains a preferable working environment for all employees.

A few stunning buildings:

Over the years, many remarkable structures have been built in glass! A few examples of these would be the Aldar Headquarters, London City Hall, Congress Centre of Montreal, Minsk National Library and much more. These structures display nothing but breath-taking beauty and outstanding innovation.


To sum it up, glass has definitely proved itself to be a stunning material that is capable of making its way into any structure and offers varied applications & solutions. A stylish material that redefines the modern architectural industry each day!

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