Glass to bar stench at zoo's nocturnal house

Date: 25 July 2011
CHANDIGARH: To save visitors from the stench of nocturnal birds and animals like barn owls, jackals and porcupines, the Chhatbir zoo  authorities are planning to install a glass sheet in the nocturnal house.

The glass sheet will keep the foul smell away when visitors go inside the enclosures of these nocturnal species, which are kept in dark to keep light-averse species active.

According to sources, these birds and animals are the centre of attraction at the zoo. A majority of the visitors, especially kids, don't consider their trip complete without a round of the nocturnal house, but the stench puts them off. Nocturnal species depend on several specific traits that make them more adaptable at night, which aids their survival.

In the nocturnal house, separate enclosures have been made for owls, jackal and porcupine. They have been provided a friendly environment in the captivity area.

According to experts, many nocturnal animals are adapted to find their prey at night due to an acute sense of smell.

Once they catch the scent of their prey, they can skillfully follow and track it and feed upon it. Some nocturnal animals have a Jacobson's

organ on the roof of their mouth, an additional characteristic used to improve the sense of smell.

Basanta Rajkumar, director of Chhatbir zoo, said that they would install a glass sheet at the nocturnal house so that visitors can have a good experience. ''It is not a big problem. The animals are helpless but we have found a solution.

The glass sheet will work as an aquarium through which visitors would be able to see these species from one end,'' he added.

600450 Glass to bar stench at zoo's nocturnal house
Date: 25 July 2011

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