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HEYE SPEEDLINE: EVOLUTION IN IS-MACHINES Safety and clean design are factors that belong together, because staff and equipment alike need to be protected.

As machine downtimes decrease, the quality of products and profitability increase. Integrated control features mean knowing the condition of equipment constantly. 

  • High safety and high usability to protect staff and equipment
  • Clear interfaces for fast installation and exchange of parts
  • Clean design to fulfil HACCP requirements
  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Same core - same variables

For more information on the Heye SpeedLine click here.

Heye SpeedLine: Evolution in IS-Machines


Heye claims market leadership in safety with its Multilevel Safety Concept covering

  • Engineering
  • Training & education
  • Innovative safety equipment for the production process.

The total forming control covers solutions for blank and blow side.

Protection Grid


The loading position monitoring helps to avoid section jam-ups. This new blank side feature allows us to monitor the correct position of the plunger positioner during gob loading and the timely exit of the plunger just before opening the blanks and transferring the parison.

Additionally, a specially developed protection grid, integrated in the machine control, ensures extra safety on the blank side.


On the blow side, an infrared sensor monitors the dead plate position for each cavity over the whole cycle of a section. In the event of abnormal heat radiation due to glass handling failures or demoulding the following gobs for the section will be rejected.

Safety Snap


The new valve block concept is based on an ergonomic design and includes the possibility to integrate our Heye Safety Snap Valve into each line – an effective method to avoid unintended motion of the equipment during maintenance or repair.


This powerful robot allows swabbing without container losses or section stops. High safety and process repeatability are guaranteed. At the same time, it manages 75 % savings on lubrication.

Scoop Beam


The protection of both the equipment and employees is the main aim of our clean designs. This includes e.g. integrated cable channels as well as specific protection hoods and covers to protect installations and enable comfortable maintenance access.


A number of useful tools are available to increase protection and facilitate everyday work. This includes the blow side heat protection ladder and the blank side lifting device.

For more information on the Heye Multilevel Safety Concept click here.

Ecomotion: Self-optimizing cushioning


New Ecomotion self-optimizing cushioning especially for retrofit of existing IS-Machines:

Increase your production efficiency by implementing a cushioning system that reduces the number of critical defects. Heye Ecomotion provides you with highly reliable self-regulating end position cushioning. The system is designed to upgrade your existing IS-machines, replacing their safety-critical oil-cushioning. Ecomotion achieves the optimal deceleration point of the device by a control system and “distance-time monitoring” of the entire pneumatic cylinder hub.

For more information on the Heye Ecomotion Self-Optimizing Cushioning click here.


Heye shows the new PlantPilot, integrating information from Hot End and Cold End to cover the needs from group directors to machine operators.

The Heye PlantPilot is the tool to help group directors, plant managers, department managers and operators keeping their eyes on the maximum plant efficiency. The powerful information system collects data from both the Hot and Cold End. This important information about the production and inspection process is evaluated and presented in a clearly laid out way. Thus the Heye PlantPilot supports you to achieve the highest quality production, avoiding cost-increasing disturbances.

For more information on the Heye PlantPilot click here.

PlantPilot: Information Management Overview

In addition, Heye shows new camera inspection solutions like CBG - Camera Bore Gauge, CUF - Camera Unfilled Finish, and DOM - Dimension & Ovality Inspection Module.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth 14C10!

600450 A firework of innovations! Visit us at Glasstec, booth 14C10! glassonweb.com

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