Export explosion in 2007 for Italy’s machinery, accessories and special products for glass processing

Date: 28 July 2008
Source: GIMAV
The industry report presented by GIMAV points out the high levels of growth in 2007 achieved mainly thanks to sales in international markets, which exceeded by 12% the already high level of exports recorded in 2006.

Italian businesses are relaunching the image of the country in the global marketplace, finding new outlets for their production and taking advantage of the effects of growth in countries like Russia, India, China and Brazil. According to Censis data, Italy has managed to maintain a firm hold on its market share, thanks to the success of Italian products on foreign soil, recording a 93.2% increase in export value (between 2002 and 2007) in nominal terms, occupying third place, behind China and Germany, for increased exports and seventh place among the world export leaders. The prestige of Italy’s firms has enabled them to stave off the impact of the strong Euro by leveraging their own strengths: quality and brands.

Confirmation of this achievement can also be seen in the data presented by GIMAV at its general shareholders meeting. The GIMAV data make it clear that even though imports were up considerably (+ 64.30% over 2006), the excellent performance of exports brought 2007 to a close with an extremely robust trade surplus. Exports of glass industry capital goods rose by 12.60% for a value in excess of a billion Euros. Specifically, there was a 12.73% increase over the previous year for the flat glass sector and 12.26% for the hollow glass sector. The European Union, with 36.59% of total exports, continues to be the primary destination for Italy’s production. A detailed look at the sector highlights the amazing growth of the Czech Republic with an increase of more than 240% over 2006; while in terms of absolute value, France and Russia still hold the top spots. Outside the EC the leading export market for Italian goods is the Russian Federation with a resounding +49.21%, followed by Turkey (+81.11% over the previous year). America showed a strong penchant for growth in 2007 (+12.02%) thanks to a spike in sales of Italian products in the US, Mexico and in parts of South America, despite the slowdown experienced by Argentina.

A significant increase in Asian consumption led to a boom in industry exports of more than 30% over 2006, thanks to the constant flow of Italian exports toward China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

The strength of Made in Italy leads to high hopes for 2008, despite fears of limited economic growth on a global scale.


GIMAV is the Association that for 28 years has brought together Italy’s manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, accessories, equipment and special products for glass processing. Thanks to its membership in Confindustria, Federvarie and Federmacchine, GIMAV has taken on a leading role in representing the entire glass processing supply chain, as its spokesperson in relations with both public and private organizations. Sales of GIMAV member firms currently accounts for approximately 80% of the total industry turnover and 72% of the exports labeled Made in Italy.



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