Emhart Glass: Improving Production Quality through Emhart Glass Plunger Process Control

The Plunger Process Control (PPC) provides, for the first time, a complete visualization of the parison forming process for Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB), as well as for Wide Mouth Press and Blow.

The system continuously records the entire plunger stroke on all cavities across the machine in real time, as the plunger actually travels through the glass while forming the parison. This enables the user to store and recall production data for process analysis and documentation. PPC also provides a precise gob weight control through automatic feeder tube height adjustment and optional needle height adjustment. The wireless connection, from base plate adapter to plunger mechanism with full stroke sensor, eliminates the risk of cable damage during a mechanism exchange. Full Stroke Sensors fit into existing 4¼ DG, 5 DG, 5½ DG, 6¼ DG, and 4¼ TG Emhart Glass Quick Change Plunger Mechanism.

The Emhart Glass PPC system also permits early detection of currently unknown variations in the NNPB and Press & Blow (PB) process, offering the potential to improve production quality. Particularly finish defects can be detected and rejected by using the innovative software features and the automatic Hot End Ware Reject (HEWR). For more information on Plunger Process Control (PPC) please contact your local Emhart Glass representative.

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Date: 20 March 2007
Source: Emhartglass.com

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