Edgetech introduces TriSeal™ at glasstec: Super Spacer® for Structural Glazing

Date: 9 November 2004
Source: Edgetech
Conventional aluminum spacer, still used in most commercial building construction, compromises thermal performance of structural glazing at a time when building energy codes are de-manding more stringent U-values in all fenestration.

Architects are considering warm edge alternatives that maintain traditional aesthetic design standards.

Edgetech’s new Super Spacer® TriSeal™ with TrueWARM® NO Metal technology easily outperforms aluminum spacer in thermal performance, condensation resistance and glass surface temperature. Like aluminum spacer, it works effectively with both structural and captive (fixed window) glazing applications. And, like aluminum spacer, it is compatible with silicone structural sealant, as well as with other secondary sealants for captive glass including polyurethane, polysulfide, DSE/DSA’s or hot melt butyls.

TriSeal™ will be premiered, along with a new, fully automated, TriSeal™ Lisec line at glasstec in Edgetech’s booth, A44 in Hall 17.

How does TriSeal™ compare with other Super Spacer® products? TriSeal™ consists of the same desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive to hold the spacer in place on the glass, and multi-layer vapor barrier. As with all Super Spacer® silicone foam spacers, TriSeal™ provides excellent UV resis-tance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, superior compression-set resistance, excellent color stability and enhanced sound dampening.

Its unique triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling; captive poly-isobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low-moisture vapor transmission; plus an outer structural seal for proven structural glazing performance. Architects will appreciate TriSeal’s smooth matte black surface appearance, with no surface blistering or bubbling. (Other colors are available on special order.) Unlike some competitive warm edge spacers, TriSeal™ applies and stays in a straight line and forms sharp 90-degree corners.

Super Spacer® TriSeal™ features a continuous vapor barrier backing across the profiled back of the spacer, and is engi-neered to accept all sealants.

In a recent independent test for total window performance, comparing TriSeal™ vs. aluminum spacer in a thermally broken aluminum test window,

• Lowered the Total Window U-Factor by over 5%.
• Raised the NFRC Condensation Resistance by over 10%.
• Raised the Sill Sightline Temperature by over 15%.

GasGlass Handheld – the “go-anywhere“ measuring station

Until recently, determining the condition of insulated glazing has been something of a problem. The argon or krypton content could only be measured by drilling through the glass and inserting a probe. An unsatisfactory method which permanently damaged the insulated glazing. With its GasGlass 1001, Finnish measuring device specialist Sparklike last year presented a measuring device which made it possible for the first time to determine the argon and krypton content without destroying the insulated glazing. Sparklike has now gone even further. The GasGlass Handheld has a battery-driven measuring station integrated into its compact case scarcely bigger than a CD player. Edgetech is the exclusive distributor of the new GasGlass Handheld in Central Europe.

Like its predecessor, the GasGlass Handheld uses a non-invasive measuring method in which a high electric charge is passed through the glass. The fluorescent light produced in the inert gas is measured by a photo cell. The values obtained can be used to directly measure the inert gas content; the percentage gas content is shown on a display.

Its compact size (24 x 18 x 17 cm) and low weight (only 1.5 kg) allow the GasGlass Handheld to be used flexibly on the production line direct or at the construction site, for example. And of course it can also be used to determine the gas content of insulated panes already in place. Measurement takes less than one second, all the data collected can be stored and transferred to a PC. And the GasGlass Handheld is extremely easy to use, just place it on the pane, press a knob - and you’re done.

Technical data

Dimensions: 240 x 180 x 70 mm
Weight: approx. 1.5 kg
Operating temperature: 10 to 35 °C
Relative humidity: 0 to 90%
Power consumption: 40 Watt
Connections: serial connection and
charging connection
Display: integral LC display
Software: GasGlass logging software for the PC
100% - 90% + 1%
90% - 85% + 1.5%
85% - 80% + 2%
<80% estimated accuracy
approx. 5% (no guarantee)
Measuring range: up to approx. 50% inert gas content

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