Dubai- Use Of Value Added Glass On Rise

Date: 17 January 2007
Source: Gulf News - Construction 2007 supplement
Use of value added glasses is on rise in Dubai. Harsh climate of the region is the single most demand driver of the value added glass.

The climate in the Gulf is characterised by almost 340 days of bright sun and more or less about 200 days of high temperatures. Solar control glass has become a popular choice to counter the ill effects of very high temperatures.

The techniques used to make glass have been redeveloped over time. Today most of the buildings are using energy-efficient glass consisting of sealed double-glazing in which, typically, two sheets of 6mm glass are bonded with special highly durable sealants to a 12mm hollow aluminium space to create a 24mm thick unit. The 12mm inter-glass cavity provides a 50 per cent improvement in thermal insulation compared to clear single glass.

However, the air-space by itself, will not protect air-conditioned buildings from strong solar heating, and so a reflective coating has to be applied on the inner face of the outside pane, which furthermore can be tinted to create a reflective coloured appearance.In fact Dubai municipality is the first emirate to put legislation in place to control the minimum acceptable performance of energy-saving glass for buildings.

Without the use of solar-control glass, building facades would cause unacceptable indoor environments with excessive glare and heat, only mitigated by extensive use of blinds, curtains and huge air-conditioning bills.

600450 Dubai- Use Of Value Added Glass On Rise

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