Cugher Glass: Print in Progress

An important story Cugher Glass has been a world leading company in the design and production of innovative solutions for screen printing, by setting the reference standards since 1969.

For over 40 years we engineer and realize solutions and equipments to suit your requirements for the silk printing, curing and handling of flat glass.

Many years of development

During its decades of activities in a worldwide leading position, Cugher Glass has developed and consolidated its knowledge and know how in the silk screen printing processes on flat glass as well as in the industrial heat treatment processes. We can support you with our projects for silk screen printing machines, curing ovens and ovens for heat treatment, handling and inspection equipments, software solutions and technical assistance.

The right solution

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the new technologies and of the various industrial cycles, we can propose exclusive solutions by assisting you in the projecting and production of new equipments or by improving the efficiency of the already existing ones. Cugher Glass has developed a new generation of printing machines for flat glass, that offer the largest flexibility in printing sizes, allowing significant format changes with the same machine, in order to guarantee that all production needs are covered with less machines. Particular attention has been paid to the reduction in maintenance times and costs, thanks to a new building concept and the use of highly reliable components. Cugher Glass guarantees therefore the safeguard of customers’ investment over time.

A new approach for operators

Cugher Glass innovative project has allowed to move all printing machine handling operations to the technician’s side, avoiding the need to cross the line for adjustments, that are now very easy thanks to automatisms and a recipe system. The frame can be cleaned outside the machine, without loosing settings, while the squeegee automatically lifts to be removed and easily cleaned. Once set in the recipes, the squeegee operating pressure is automatically managed by the system, regardless of the thickness of the glass to be printed. Glass centering operations are automatic and carried out outside the printing table, even on asymmetric glass, with a self-learning system for the sizes that have not been entered in the recipes yet. Reduced spaces have led customers to prefer the compactness of industrial machinery; this is a valid argument that has led Cugher Glass engineers to design a fully integrated system, where all electrical control and power units, in addition to the pneumatic section, are installed on board, so that they can be easily accessed and maintained.

Higher productivity, lower costs

Thanks to the new technical solutions and to the new design approach, the new generation of Cugher Glass printing machines overcomes the performances that were once considered unexcelled, by achieving unique results within the segment. The new G series allows to print up to 750 pieces/hour, thanks to independent shuttles, with an accuracy exceeding 0.08 mm printing repeatability and a complete production change in less than 10 minutes. Cugher Glass confirms itself again as a world leading company in productivity and versatility, by cutting production costs and times for each printed piece.

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