Csm Tecno: company strategies and the new web site

The new company organization of “CSM” is supported by a selected managerial staff and it has faced a suitable financial effort in order to succeed in sustaining useful R&D’s investments; in a business field which is notably advanced on the technological point of view, we reach this goal producing equipments with elevated precision’s standard.

The recover of the Italian industrial production and the export’s increase are indicating a real turnaround trend for our economy.

While the European governments are counting on saving, formation, job-market, internationalization and immigration in order to increase the business productivity, our firm proposes the amplification of the equipments’ range in order to fit the new demands of the market; all this, following the trend of the centre-north Europe and north America building plannings, where the building realizations are more and more using the glass.

Following these premises, we understood that a rapid business planning gathering this favourable moment of the market is needed. You have to consider also an increase of productivity in an extremely complex industrial economic context which would be difficult to realize if you undertake programs on which you don't strongly believe. The productivity optimization determined a greater competitiveness on the international markets for CSM TECNO, so you have to “catch the instant” to reach more ambitious goals.

We are investing a great engagement and determination in order to develop competition, innovation, research and much more. Our firm aspires to conquer new market shares, increasing the competitiveness index with the use of the precious art of his own glass teachers, without abdicating the recognized quality of their products. Without adopting new production’ strategy, CSM is looking at the future keeping steady the experiences that have been acquired in so many years of activity in the sector of the glass.

We have undertaken the development’s direction investing on the research, realizing lots of ideas, avoiding to remain behind, because we know that the competitiveness has strongly become conditioned by the globalization. The choice to increase the productivity can be based on different strategies as entering more and more markets through new methods of sale. In such a context, our presence in the foreign countries has become essential to reach a good competitiveness.

Which is the right strategy to adopt for conquering new market shares? Certainly the “made in Italy” product has an important consideration in the world so that one of the advantages for our industry is represented by the quality, but we don’t have to forget to consider with greater attention even some other markets because they represent a necessary choice and also an opportunity for the raising of our export even if we have to consider also the risks linked to this. Which strategies do our firm have to pursue in order to stimulate the interest on his product to the foreign countries? Certainly, with the same quality, competitiveness is conditioned by the costs of production; this is why many competitors have chosen to transfer some productive unities to the foreign countries, especially in the eastern Europe countries and in those which are developing, with particular attention in China and India: emergent Asian colossuses which are deeply influencing the geo-economic world equilibriums.

It’s already evident that the industrial and business’ interest is directing toward the East, that is, toward far markets. Having these considerations, it is simple to define the possible strategies to be adopted for a foreign-friend business policy. Our internationalization’ program started half a century ago with the mark COPMES. Our interest for the foreign countries has represented an obliged choice based on: exchange of know how with partnership and joint-ventures, alliances and agreements with foreign enterprises operating in the same business’ field. The proof has always been represented by the greater interest in our equipments around the world that is represented by lots of requests both from our usual customers and from new ones.

A new format: the web site

More and more times we have spoken about the adaptation of our firm to the mutable market’s demands and this aspect is dispatched not only in terms of advanced goods’ offer and products in line with the customers’ needs, but it is also displayed as agents’, supplier’s and users’ relationship evolution.

Nowadays the diffusion of multimedia communication model is so strong that it is now investing every activity’s field and so it can not be ignored by us if we want to foam our range of activity. CSM TECNO has kept this input and it wants to exploit the opportunities developed by this situation, this is why our firm has recently renewed and widened the web site introducing a series of innovative services that are able to complete the offer of our firm.

Thanks to a simple system of personalized passwords’ attribution, every user could connect to our portal and download data, documents and every kind of information he needs, anywhere he is situated, anytime he wants. The access’ mode is simple and therefore it is practicable from both the American retailer who is experienced with the interactive tools, and the country’s glassworker who is probably less accustomed with PC.

The dynamism and flexibility with which it is possible to satisfy the users’ requirements are the key-elements that countersign our web pages compared to the ones of our major competitors; and thanks to these features we can give answers to our interlocutors with the best quality and time.

Here follow some examples of the services you can find in details visiting our site: http://www.csmtecno.com

- The customer can follow every production’ step verifying in any moment the advancement of the jobs on his own order.

- The technician situated in the opposite side of the world can enter the technical area of the website using the sketches with the technical references and the suggestions in real time that allow him to effect an instant intervention on the machine.

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