A challenging year flies by in a flash

A season filled with appointments for Gimav and its member companies.

In itself, this is certainly not newsworthy, because one of the association's duties is to organize participation in the leading international events for its Italian member companies, which occupy a place of honor in the glass-processing market. This year was unusual, however, because, for one and all, the greatest effort was focused on dealing with the final twists and turns of two terrible years, and building better business opportunities for the immediate future. A tough challenge, but upon close inspection, met with a recipe for success. 

Throughout all of 2010 Gimav did its best, as outlined in its mission, to accompany member firms to the leading international trade fairs. Its commitment paid off in preparing the terrain for businesses to take maximum advantage of improvements in the global economic climate. 

The earliest, positive signs arrived from Brazil where, from May 6 - 8, Glass South America recorded participation by a large number of Italian firms, and above all, drew a vast contingent of qualified visitors. It's well known that Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, with a glass industry that in all likelihood will end the year with a growth rate of more than 22% over the previous year. As always, it is the building industry that leads the race, followed by the automotive industry, which benefits from substantial government subsidization. 

Moving on to China, from June 4 - 7, by now well on its way to competing with the United States for the role of the world's leading economy. Double-digit growth continues to fuel an investment capacity in percentage of GNP unheard-of in Western economies, and this makes it a dangerous competitor but also a choice customer for American and European technology, where the Italian engineering industry has long played a leading role. The demand for quality is also a key requirement in that market, and turning to highly evolved machinery makes it possible to obtain quality products despite the weaknesses that still exist in the glass processing industry. 


Mir Stekla in Russia in early June, and Glasstech Asia in Singapore from the end of June to the first part of July, maintained lively interest in the excellence of Italian technology, but it was in Düsseldorf at the end of September that 56 Italian businesses under the Gimav banner were able to amply demonstrate their know-how before a huge influx of trade visitors.

Glasstec drew more than 45,000 visitors this year, from every corner of the world. And they were looking for quality and outstanding performance to justify major investments, the likes of which had not been seen for at least two years. 

The final push of the year was Zak Glass Technology International in New Delhi, from December 3 - 5. In its sixth recurrence, the fair produced positive results, especially in terms of India's potential. It's a country waging a formidable battle against endemic poverty but one that has also made enormous progress in recent years, despite slowing due to the global economic crisis. "India, amidst myriad problems generated by the size of the country and the lack of infrastructures, is committed to major development policies that could materialize into job opportunities for Italian firms. We are sowing the seeds for what we hope will be spectacular returns," stated Renata Gaffo, Director of Gimav.

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