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Date: 26 October 2006
Source: Carbone Lorraine
Visit Carbone Lorraine Composants S.A.S. at Glasstec hall 13 / C08 CARBONE LORRAINE, under its leading brand name of Cerberite®, designs and manufactures an extended range of systems and components for the glass container industry, from the beginning to the end of the process.

Thanks to its long experience in hot glass handling, CERBERITE® offers proven solutions combining metallic hardware and carbon contact consumables, from Take-out tongs to universal fitting stacker bars.

Cerberite ® metallic hardware design solutions offer Glass customers competitive advantages that assist in keeping maintenance and downtime cost to minimum

- Quick-change inserts and insulators

- Adjustable blocks on stacker bars

- Easy set up - Easy access

- Strong and lightweight - Crash resistant

- Reduced bending at high temperature

Besides CARBONE LORRAINE has developed a full range of technologically advanced materials with outstanding physical characteristics. These innovative carbon-based grades provide excellent performances in the hostile environment of extreme heat and possible oil contamination: They have a good resistance to wear and oxidation; they can withstand high temperatures and are environmentally safe. These materials can be custom machined in order to meet the unique specifications of clients; thin and complex shapes are no problem.

They are an excellent and more user-friendly-alternative to other materials.

Three Cerberite grade families are available for customers:

C5, C8, C15, C25, C50, C55 and C70

Carbon based grades


Low thermal conductivity, good wear resistance (particularly C50 and C70) and easy machining.

Main applications:

Guide gob, dead plate, Mould top plate Inserts, Tong inserts especially float style inserts (C70)

C20, C40 and C80

Carbon fibre reinforced composite grades


Good resistance to thermal shock – non damaging to hot glass – lightweight

Main applications:

Universal stacker bar Inserts, sweep-out and transfer fingers, sweep-out and Transfer back pads, Transfer and line guides.

C1, C2, C3

Polyimide-based grades


non porous – no oil absorption.

Main applications:

Conveyor guide, sweep-out and transfer fingers and sweep-out and Transfer back pads.

As an example of its leading products CARBONE LORRAINE manufactures and markets a complete range of float style take-out tongs. In order to meet customer requirements, 5 different sizes are available. This covers neck finishes 8 mm through to 87 mm.

Our full range of tongs are available with “head caps” that assist in keeping foreign particles out of the glass container and thus comply with the European environmental regulations, which are becoming more and more demanding.

This new “Float Style” range of tongs has been specially designed for long production runs in the main, where insert lifetime is a key factor; these take-out tongs are made of high quality cast steel. Whilst external machining is very important for fitment to the tong head, it is the internal machined relationship of the steel tong to the graphite insert that is extremely crucial, allowing the insert to have sufficient float that minimises any impact on the glass container. As a result of this, tong insert breakages are reduced and more importantly the wear rate of the graphite insert is greatly reduced.

The combination of these excellent quality materials provides the best available performance on production lines.

On another hand CARBONE LORRAINE has developed a universal stacker bar system, that based on over 25 years service to the glass industry, deals with the many requirements associated with Lehr. Due to drastic technology evolution during the past years Cerberite has found new ways of saving glass plants high labour costs and replacement parts of aluminium stacker bar blocks that had either been distorted through heat or broken / bent through general wear and tear. An alternative solution for the Aluminium Stacker bar blocks is now available in Manganese bronze material. This material can withstand a much higher temperature enabling castings to be manufactured that will not distort from radiant heat transmitted from the Lehr. One of the most positive benefits of all the stack bar blocks is that the average wall thickness of the lower insert support deck is only 4.0 mm, which enables the stacker bar to push the bottles that much lower down the body towards the heel or closer to the cross conveyor belt surface, which is extremely important when pushing lightweight bottles in to the Lehr mouth.

In order to assist customers in keeping their in – house spare parts inventory to a minimum, Cerberite holds consistently high levels in stock for our full range of stacker bar block assemblies with a choice of different grades of Insert materials

In conclusion, CARBONE LORRAINE is a fully integrated supplier of Carbon and Graphite materials and hardware systems solutions, throughout the Hot end Glass handling production line. In addition to this it can also offer it’s worldwide sale and manufacturing network, including all European countries, it is in a Unique position to give a global offer with a locally supplied service


For further information, Contact Key Names below.

Tony Legood (UK + Asia) Tel.: +44 1642 793308

Michel Dehaeck (Europe) Tel.: +33 1 41 85 44 64

e-mail : cerberite@carbonelorraine.com


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