Bystronic Attracts Considerable Attention At The Photovoltaic Technology Show In Munich

The Bystronic Glass Group’s first-time participation as an exhibitor at a photovoltaic trade fair exceeded all expectations.

At the Photovoltaic Technology Show in Munich, the Bystronic Technology Centre Lenhardt presented a new encapsulation technology for photovoltaic modules with the help of the TPS® thermoplastic spacer and was therefore completely in tune with the branch.

The major rush on Bystronic’s exhibition stand distinctively illustrated that there is an enormous intersection between the glass processing and photovoltaic industrial branches. Bit by bit, the solar industry is using technologies which have proven themselves already for decades in other areas. This also applies now to the TPS® thermoplastic spacer. Lenhardt Maschinenbau GmbH presented a groundbreaking application of the warm-edge spacer during the encapsulation of photovoltaic modules, which previously has successfully been used since the mid-90s in the production of insulating glass.

“Up to now, photovoltaic modules have generally been encapsulated through lamination“, explains Tobias Neff, who is responsible for the Photovoltaic line at Bystronic. “However, as the lamination process is very time-intensive, it is hardly suitable for mass production. It’s completely different with our TPS® multilayer technology: it allows encapsulation of modules in a significantly faster timescale, one that is comparable to the cycle times during the production of insulating glass.“

Two layers of the active TPS® edge laminate are applied directly one over the other during encapsulation using the TPS® multilayer technology. Cable penetration is made between these two layers. Embedded in the TPS® material, the tightness of the module is guaranteed even without the lamination process.

TPS® multilayer technology is of great interest not only for the photovoltaic industry. Manufacturers of insulating glass are now able to produce photovoltaic modules also in their existing plants.

600450 Bystronic Attracts Considerable Attention At The Photovoltaic Technology Show In Munich
Date: 3 May 2007
Source: Bystronic

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