Butt joint glazing with SCHOTT PYRANOVA® specialty glass inside a wooden frame officially fire tested up to EI 90

SCHOTT to present its high-performance products in the area of fire-resistant glazing at BAU 2015   With more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality and reliable fire-resistant glazing products, the international technology group SCHOTT has many superlatives to offer.

Effective immediately, the special glass PYRANOVA® can even be used as butt joint glazing in wooden frames in fire resistance classes up to EI 90. Furthermore, SCHOTT also offers its fire-resistant glazing with PYRAN® S in XXL format in the class E 30. 1800 mm x 3600 mm in size, it is considered to be the largest sheet format in its class in Germany. The company that specializes in this area will also be presenting its “Secure” glasses as another highlight. These are the world’s first special glasses that successfully stand up to fire and ballistic attacks at the same time. SCHOTT will be unveiling its special glasses for use in fire-resistant glazing and its portfolio of other glass products for use in architecture from January 19 – 24, 2015, at BAU in Munich (Booth C2 139).

This photo was taken during the official fire test of butt joint glazing with PYRANOVA® special purpose glass in the fire resistance class EI 90. Photo: SCHOTT

With its special glass PYRANOVA®, SCHOTT now also offers solutions in the form of butt joint glazing in wooden frames for all fire resistance classes from EI 30 to EI 60 and even EI 90. “Yes, we passed the official fire test,” says Helmut Kugelmann, Sales Manager for Fire-Resistant Glazing at SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in Jena, Germany. “As the people who process our glazings, carpenters and joiners will be able to build their own wooden frame systems by observing our requirements and thus be able to achieve much higher added value than with comparable glazings on the market. On the other hand, these solutions also offer architects the highest possible freedom of design, yet are also cost efficient,” Kugelmann explains in referring to the advantages PYRANOVA® offers.

Thanks to PYRAN® S panes in XXL format, SCHOTT now offers architects and planners even more freedom of design for conceiving functional, transparent partitions. These panes are held by the most basic system-independent steel frame systems and have narrow face widths. The steel profiles can also be encased by using aluminum, stainless steel or wooden profiles. Furthermore, the new large formats can be designed in many different ways by using screen printing or sandblasting.

  SCHOTT also plays a leading role when it comes to developing glass laminates that withstand ballistic attacks and fire at the same time. Highly efficient, yet compact multifunctional laminates from SCHOTT meet these dual demands in the area of personal and property protection. Thanks to their complex structure, PYRANOVA® secure glazings> are capable of resisting multiple attacks simultaneously. Furthermore, PYRANOVA® secure  laminates are highly transparent, thin and save weight. SCHOTT is the first company in the world to subject its glazings to a test that includes multiple stresses and successfully pass it.

For further information: www.schott.com/pyran

PYRAN® and PYRANOVA® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

Photo download link: http://www.schott-pictures.net/presskit/262890.bau2015

SCHOTT is an international technology group with 130 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT ranks number one in the world with many of its products. Its core markets are the household appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, and transportation industries. The company is strongly committed to contributing to its customers’ success and making SCHOTT an important part of people’s lives with high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner and supporting its employees, society and the environment. The SCHOTT Group maintains close proximity to its customers with manufacturing and sales units in 35 countries. Its workforce of 15,400 employees generated worldwide sales of approximately 1.84 billion euros for the 2012/2013 fiscal year. SCHOTT AG, with its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation www.schott.com

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