Benteler: Pre-processing lines for automotive glass - Benteler Mechanical Engineering conquer new market segments

Date: 8 October 2004
Source: Benteler
Hall 15 / Stand 15F22Located in Bielefeld, Germany, the established company Benteler Mechanical Engineering produces complete pre-processing lines for automotive glass to meet todays requirements on car glazings.

Benteler designs and manufactures all by itself each single component of the line including fully automatical glass loading and unloading, glass handling and transfer, block size cut, shape cut and break-out, grinding, drilling and washing.

Benteler solutions are state-of-the-art to process sidelites, backlites and windshields, starting from raw glass in block size to the cut, ground, drilled and washed finished car glass. As well as for OEM production as for the aftermarket Benteler Mechanical Engineering offers CNC-controlled Pre-processing lines.

Any customer requirement will be met using a modular built system to design a tailor-made solution.

Bentelers story of success in the field of automotive glass processing machinery is a result of the continuos R&D, espescially on the pre-processing lines.
The latest pre-processing line to process sidelites presents again new features to grant Bentelers customers in todays difficult competition the decisive advantages. Short summary of some new technological highlights:

New design

The single cell, known as CBG-line (i.e. Cutting-Breaking-Grinding) has been prolonged and includes now the function „drilling-inline“.

Basically a shuttle drilling machine has been integrated to the existing single cell. Inside the single cell a shuttle serves to take the glass exactly positioned step by step from the break-out to the grinding and then to the unloading. This shuttle has been increased and feeds the glasses now also to the drilling machine.

So the complete pre-processing line combines the advantages of compact size at best accessibility as well as saving a further position-ing table usually needed in front of the drilling.

Improved cycle time

The cutting and break-out cycle has been shortened considerably by implementing a second cutting head to the break-out bridge.
The time-consuming shape cut will still be performed by the cutting bridge, whereas the second cutting head will do the important auxil-iary cuts, needed to achieve smooth and precise break-out of the final glass shape out off the primitif. Depending on the shape of the sidelite the complete cycle time of even a complex sidelite including two drill-ing holes has been reduced down to 18 or 24 seconds!

Benteler Mechanical Engineering conquer new market segments

The development and manufacturing of high-quality machines for the fast efficient processing of glass in the following areas washing, grinding, drilling and laminating of flat glass. Together with similar production equipment for the automotive glass industry this is synonymous with Benteler Mechanical Engineering, Bielefeld.

In time for the forthcoming „glasstec 2004“ in Düsseldorf, Benteler Mechanical Engineering has expanded its product range “tecLine made by Benteler”. A new basic model range offering the proven Benteler quality and reliability at very competitive prices are now available.

The new single spindle-drilling machine “tecDriller NC1” is designed for “one off” and small-volume production runs. With its highly accurate NC-control system and the patented quick-change-drill-system, the drilling machine is designed to be user friendly with great flexibility. On the 2300 x 1300 mm sized drilling/positioning table all standard furniture glass sheets can be processed. Thanks to the NC controlled positioning stop, the processing time for the bilateral drilling and countersinking procedure is drastically reduced.

The series „tecLine made by Benteler“ is further enhanced by the new small tecWasher for washing glass sheets up to a width of 1000 mm. Small glass panels with minimum dimension of 148 mm long and 50 mm wide and a thickness of 1.5 to 12 mm are conveyed and washed safely. This new model range tecWasher for small glass panels is also available with the maximum working widths of 1300 mm and 1600 mm. With continuous washing and drying quality the new tecWasher total length of 1700 mm requires even less space and energy.

Not only the product range of the tecLine has been extended. Together with their co-operation partner WSP Benteler Mechanical Engineering enter into the areas of thermal pretensioning and the thermal refinement of glass sheets. By the label “WSP HighCon Tempering made by Benteler“ the product spectrum for tempering and bending furnaces has also been extended. WSP is a technological leading manufacturer especially in designing and manufacturing high convection lines. This innovative technology offers enormous advantages with regards to quality and quantity of the production is concerned, particularly as far as the thermal refinement of coated and printed glass sheets is concerned. By means of this high convection technology, cycle time reductions are possible so that compared to the traditional radiation furnaces resp. convection furnaces a considerable higher batch flow rate is achieved.

With this procedure the heat transfer in the heating cabinet is entirely done by convection. This permanent air circulation assures a constant temperature distribution within the furnace so that even warming of the glass and thus an optimal glass quality is obtained.

Additional procedures such as SO2 is supplied to avoid stripes on the surface of the glass may be totally refrained. Besides it is possible to operate the furnace with gas or electric heating offering the advantage that the low priced gas heating reduces considerably the operating costs of the high convection furnace compared to the electrical heating.

The manifold patented technologies ensure Benteler Mechanical Engineering and their customers the important advantage in competition!

600450 Benteler: Pre-processing lines for automotive glass - Benteler Mechanical Engineering conquer new market segments

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