Barretts Group Understands Concerns About Climate Change and Its Global Impact

Date: 3 December 2013
Source: Barretts Group
According to the Public Interest Research Centre, individuals expressing concern about their carbon footprint do so for a variety of reasons, not just because they are worried about the impact they are having on the environment.

They also worry about the effects of climate change on third world countries and their inhabitants as well as social justice."Sadly, many fail to look for innovative ways to reduce this impact, such as through the use of recycled glass products for the home and office," Charles Mayer, of Barretts Group (, professes.  


GlassEco recycled products began with the goal of transforming waste products into high quality surfaces, appropriate for use in the home or office. Creations such as dazzling worktops improve the beauty of any home or office, offering maximum impact with minimal footprint. In fact, GlassEco has won a number of products, including the Grand Designs Green Technology Award in 2010. "Any consumer or business concerned about decorating their home or office without increasing their carbon footprint should turn to GlassEco," Mayer proclaims.


Other environmentally friendly glass options offered through Barretts Group ( include the Starshine line, products made using recycled glass. The main advantage of using products from the Starshine line is the processing temperatures run lower than seen with the traditional melting process, leading to savings in time, energy and production costs. "Many choose Starshine materials as they can be dyed using an innovative method, one involving the coating of recycled glass cullet with colouring pigments," Mayer explains.


To reduce energy costs further, many choose to make use of glass block in the home or office as this product allows natural light to enter an area while still protecting the privacy of occupants. Glass blocks come in a wide range of colors, some neutral, and hundreds of designs and all are pure, brilliant and transparent. "Although many turn to glass blocks to allow for the filtering of light, many other benefits come with the use of these blocks, such as increasing the visual appeal of any area," Mayer explains.


Glass blocks offer an additional benefit in that they offer a foundation for many different color schemes. Glass blocks, unless specifically ordered in a particular colour, tend to be neutral and therefore an individual or business can redecorate without worry of having to replace or remove the glass block. This saves not only money and time, but resources also as fewer materials will be needed during the decorating process, which further minimizes a person's carbon footprint," Mayer declares.


About Barretts Group

Barretts Group delivers large-scale projects in the field of eco-friendly glass, toughened glass, decorative glass, spray painted glass, laminated glass, and glass walls and partitions. Established in 1995, Barretts Group remains one of the most respected glass production and installation companies in the industry, and has moved from processing standard glass to producing bespoke solutions for customers. They offer Total Service Provisioning from Conception to Completion with the goal being to provide solutions at all stages while fulfilling contracts to agreed standards and timetables. Barretts Group remains committed to being large enough to cope and small enough to care.

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