Architectural Glass Industry On The Verge Of A Revolution

The Rs 5,000 crore architectural glass industry is on the verge of a revolution. Popularly used in facades and windows, glass on Saturday has found its way to doors, stair treads, balustrades, walkways, bridges and floorings due to its high flexural stiffness.

With a tough interlayer that is 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than traditional safety glass, this new material is becoming a preferred choice. Glass, without doubt, is the 'material of the millenium' and like every new material it needs to be used sensibly.

Glass industry bigwigs claim that opaque, soft-coat and hard-coat glass cuts down sound transmissions by as much as 10-decibel points. This makes it a preferred material for entertainment venues, medical clinics and counselling rooms. "Studies indicate that less noise means less stress. Glass tends to reduce unwanted noise and people become more creative, productive, even healthier," says Rakesh Awasthi of AIS Glass Solutions, Okhla.

On the health and hygiene front too, glass is easy to clean and maintain. Says Dr Ashwani Singh, a medical practitioner with Kailash Hospital and Research Centre, Noida. "Glass is a non-porous and inert surface, which does not support the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. It is therefore, ideal for the healthcare, hospitality and home segments.''

Glass chambers are also good for the environment as they take care of the greenhouse effect by reflecting the infrared waves that build up heat. But, there should always be adequate ventilation, says Sunita Kohli of Sunita Kohli Interior Designs Private Ltd.

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