ALNO, Bosch Domestic Appliances And Schott Present Kitchen Innovation

Date: 25 September 2009
Source: Schott
Glass has always represented innovation in architecture – and always will: what the “Crystal Palace” was for Joseph Paxton and the Great Exhibition of 1851 is today reflected in the dreams of glass of perhaps a Helmut Jahn.

Glass – it’s something special, something luxurious. Also for interior design. ALNO, the kitchen manufacturer, has now produced a prototype of an innovation created in co-operation with Bosch Domestic Appliances and the glass specialist SCHOTT: the all-glass kitchen.
For the first time ever, the partners will be displaying the “Trend Study 2011” at the kitchen manufacturers’ autumn fair in East Westphalia, a kitchen that has matching matt surfaces for the kitchen fronts as well as the built-in appliances.
The surfaces of the prototype have a soft silky feeling. The secret: the surface of the SCHOTT SatinPlus™ glass is etched to create a satinated finish that has the depth effect of glass. Brown fronts in this special satinated glass are absolutely in line with the current trend for matt surface finishes.
Increasingly, the living area and kitchen are merging together. Today’s kitchen is an integrated focus of home life; it’s a long time since it was just a room where meals were prepared. This is a trend that domestic appliances cannot ignore. Quite the opposite, in fact: they have to integrate in the new “living room kitchen” – and can even be used to actively define it. Bosch, Europe’s no. 1 brand for appliances, set an international trend in 2008 with the launch of its ColorGlass edition, which was also developed in collaboration with SCHOTT. The appliances have won numerous design awards, not least for their sophisticated manufacture and the exclusive combination with a display behind glass.
Thanks to the consistently matched materials, surface and colours, domestic appliances and kitchen furniture are seen in a uniform design line. The glass kitchen partners found an innovative solution for the built-in appliances: the glass is only partly etched to leave a clear window that can be used as the oven window or a control panel with display. Appliances and kitchen furniture that failed to create a visual unit are a thing of the past.
The innovative design isn’t the only thing that’s right in this de luxe kitchen: Schott’s specially developed high tech glass SCHOTT SatinPlus™ is a high quality safety glass. Not only does it provide elegant looks and a high level of resistance to impacts, but it is also extremely easy to look after.

600450 ALNO, Bosch Domestic Appliances And Schott Present Kitchen Innovation
Date: 25 September 2009
Source: Schott

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