Wired Glass Injuries


I am the chair of Advocates For Safe Glass,I am collecting data with regard to injuries as a result of impact with wired glass. Can any of you help in this matter. I became involved as a result of my son being injuried. Thank You.

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Mon, 19/06/2006 - 12:06


My name is Megan, and I have a story to tell about an accident I had 4 years ago with a mirror, that exploded into my whole face and has changed my whole life.

My experience is one that I have not found much help with from doctors, skin specialists etc. Until I found a doctor who would help me I was on my own for two years.

I have had incredible experiences and cant believe I am still sane to tell my story.

If you would like to know more about me and my experiences let me know.

Glass accidents have been the only similar experiences I have to compare.

Megan May

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Wed, 21/06/2006 - 22:49

Hello Megan and Greg

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. But neither of you have actually elaborated on how or why you have suffered. Are you refering to glass type, glass manufacturer or what? You would like answers but give no proper details of your actual concerns or the facts that led to the unfortunate injuries, so it is difficult for others to assist or comment.

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Fri, 14/07/2006 - 16:40

my daughter stepped on glass at a marina 7 years ago. She was treated at the emergency room by cleaning and placing stitches. Everything seemed good for 4 years when she started having pain. They x-rayed it and found many pieces of glass still in her foot. Long story short she has had 4 surgeries to date and is still having pain. They have removed glass from tendons which were pushing on the nerves, has cleaned up scar tissue and other things. She is noy 14 years old and has had to quit participating in sports except swimming and is now trying to participate in High School Marching Band. She is not marching but is standing during 4 hour practices. If you know of anybody that steps on glss please make sure they xray before they stitch them up and send them on there way.

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Mon, 24/07/2006 - 20:42

Wired glass, usually either called 'cast'- which referred to it being opaque, and polished = clear was used extensively in the U.K. pre and post Second World War as roofing for small fron of residential porches, and small 'lean-to sun houses. This was an ill concept in that it was widely thought that the wire would stop a falling roof tile from breaking through. The original concept, as far as I am aware for wired glass, was for it to retain some structural integrity in the event of fire in buildings.

I am dismayed to see the use of wired glass in public buildings, often specified for its retro appearance.I do not have any figures on accidents.

For more information this and on many such subjects post your question to the panel of experts on my glass forum, where it is posible you may have UK industry leaders reply at:


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