Toughening Plant


Is it fesible to put toughened plant as i think market for toughened glass is very slow.
Can an one tell me overall condition toughened glass market in india. And is it right to put toughening plant in this condition.

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Fri, 19/04/2013 - 16:10

Indian market has seen a tremendous growth in the consumption of glass in the recent years as India is still a developing country with a high adaptability and acceptability for new technologies. With the growth in the Construction business the consumption of the glass is also growing tremendously thereby increasing the requirement of computerized as well as manual glass processing machines and the demand is shooting up every year.
There is no problem in setting up of a glass tempering plant in the present trend. The success depends on processing glass at optimum cost by the appropriate team.
I have a vast experience of the setting up of such plants.
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