strain in glass

I would appreciate if someone would give me an idea what should I use to measure strains in a glass using a simple equipment.


Guest User
Mon, 14/03/2005 - 10:31

Dear sir,
What you need is a simple equipment which can produce polarised light. to be specific.There should be a source of light on one end of a simple drum or encasement.The emanating light should pass through a polarising glass. The material whose strain has to be maesured should be inserted in between the exiting light rays and a polarising glass ete piece.Compare the strain pattern with standard strain discs available in market.

Barbara Hoffman
Tue, 22/03/2005 - 15:21

Dear Sir:
Greetings from Strainoptics. We supply a complete line of stress/strain measuring devices. An overview of our testing equipment is at Please write and let us know what type of glass you are working with, and we will recommend the most appropriate equipment for your application. There are different instruments for different applications.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Barbara Hoffman
Strainoptics Inc. (USA)
215-661-0100 ext. 102

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