Smooth glass? Please answer to this


Can Someone please tell me what is a very smooth glass, that does not catch finger prints basically stays clean, only one side needs to be very smooth? It needs to be very smooth, slick, you get the point. I am looking for this to be inexpensive. We were going to try regular glass with a sandblast finish, but the prices they want are outrageous. Can someone recommend an inexpensive glass, or is there glass that can come pre-fabricated? or fabrication has to be done, but for a low price...

1. Recommend a type of glass.

2. Recommend a type of finish for this glass (unless pre-fabricated).

3. Price estimate.

4. What are some other possibilities for this type of design. (smooth glass on 1 side, the other side will be pained on in solid colors.)

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Mon, 07/02/2005 - 16:44

I'm not an industry insider, but I've not heard of smooth glass, let alone one that keeps fingerprints off.

There are self-cleaning glass products out there (Pilkington and PPG, for two) that make cleaning easier. But, the self-cleaning is on the exterior surface.


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Thu, 10/02/2005 - 12:42

It seems your requirement is for a surface that doe not get the smudges due to the finger prints.
There are two options for that. (1)coat the glass surface ith a Transparent acrylic coat.
(2)Make the surface frosted by using ammonium biflouride it doe the same appearence of shotblasted glass.
Hope that is useful

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